Monday, August 08, 2005

Freddie Mitchell sounds off (again)

From Peter King on

"I think the Eagles ... have to be concerned at the prospect of playing three wideouts named Lewis, McMullen and Brown. Whatever happens to Terrell Owens -- contractually or with his groin -- the depth at receiver is going to sorely tested, as is the ability to make people fear the offense.

"I'm not saying Todd Pinkston (out for the year with a torn Achilles) is at all special, nor Freddie Mitchell (gone to Kansas City via low-cost free-agency), but the Eagles have lost their second and third/fourth receivers for the year, and as Mitchell told me over the weekend: "Last year, that offense would walk on the field and know they were going to beat the other team. This year, they've got to have some questions in their mind with all the new guys ..."

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T.O. misses morning practice

Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens did not practice today. Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan says he reaggravated his groin injury.
Rookie Ryan Moats suffered a concussion this morning, Sheridan reports.

Injuries plague Eagles' training camp

From Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan - Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens re-aggravated his groin area injury yesterday and was unable to practice this morning.
Rookie running back Ryan Moats suffered a concussion at this morning's practice.
It is a tough camp week for fielding a full team. Tackle Tra Thomas has blood clots and wide receiver Todd Pinkston is out for the year with an achilles tear.

Pinkston on injured reserve list

The Philadelphia Eagles today announced that they have placed WR Todd Pinkston on the Injured Reserve list. Pinkston ruptured his Achilles tendon during Friday's morning practice, according to Bob Lange, Assistant Director, Football Media Services

T.O. miffs autograph seekers

As you've no doubt heard or read by now, Terrell Owens -- who skipped this morning's practice while recovering from his strained groin muscle -- further antogonized the Eagles faithful when he skipped Sunday's autograph session for the team's wide recivers at training camp on Sunday. Owens attended the Sunday morning practice after missing the previous 2 1/2 while undergoing treatment for his groin, which has occassionally given him problems since his days with the San Francisco 49ers. The team said he was undergoing more treatment during the autograph session, but that didn't matter to many. A sample from the discussion boards:'s Eagles board:

PeteLP says, "(S)igning autographs for fans has nothing to do with business...that is a way to connect with the fans. If that was "sticking it" to the Eagles who really suffered? He could have signed autographs and got even more people into his corner. Another missed opportunity for image resurrection!"

hlpats adds, "TO blew a chance to connect with the fans and from that all I can assume is that he does not care. That is not surprising to me."

Phildogs notes, "Everyone knows that I have been the biggest defender of TO. But he should have signed some autographs. I busted my groin playing basketball in junior high. I couldn't walk, it hurt so bad. The treatment I used was to alternate hot and cold pads. I feel he could have sat there with the pads on his groin while signing autographs."

Birds' Brown joins the blog brigade

Cornerback Sheldon Brown has a blog running -- more like strolling -- on the Eagles web site:

It's only had three updates since it launched on June 2 (guess he's been a little busy), but he did provide a training camp update yesterday, for those who might be interested in a player's perspective on camp. He even offers his thoughts on Terrell Owens:

"Terrell Owens is a big story for the media in this camp but, honestly, it's not a big story for me. I had a 10- or 15-minute talk with T.O. when he first got here and to me he's a great teammate and, hey, he makes me a better player every time I line up against him. He works as hard as anybody I've been around. As long as he comes and shows up and plays, he's OK by me."