Wednesday, December 21, 2005

T.O. to co-host NFL-sanctioned Super Bowl event


Suspended Eagle tapped for ‘Gridiron Celebrity Hoops’ charity game

(December 21, 2005)

The NFL has thrown Terrell Owens a bone. The suspended Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver will co-host an official NFL-sanctioned celebrity basketball game with actress Gabrielle Union and comedian Alex Thomas during Super Bowl weekend in Detroit.

Christmas wishes

Not sure why a writer from Paradise, Calif., (which might explain all the factual errors about Eagles fans) is chiming in on the topic, but at least the sentiment is in the spirit of the holiday season:

The gift of peace and quiet to Donovan McNabb

By Rick Silva
Paradise Post

"It's Christmas time, and I'm in the giving mood, so I think I'll hand out some gifts.

To Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Donovan McNabb: A quiet 2006. From the day he was drafted by the Eagles in 1999, the guy's been someone's target.

The fans wailed when he (was) drafted over Ricky Williams - but you expect that from Philly fans. They booed Santa Claus when he arrived on the field on a motorcycle and for Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin when he left on a stretcher.


(I)n the span of 25 months, McNabb was criticized by a conservative radio talk show host for being overrated by the media because he was black and by a NAACP leader for becoming a mediocre quarterback because he didn't play the game "black" enough.


(H)ere's to a quiet 2006 for a man who has been classy every step of the way, no matter where the shots are coming from."