Sunday, December 11, 2005

Final Score: Giants 26, Eagles 23

In overtime ... Eagles lose. Does it make it any easier to take? Probably not.

Eagles 23, Giants 23

The field goal gods owed Akers that 50-yarder. He definitely put soom extra oomph into that boot. Overtime looms ...

Finally ...

The Eagles defense finally made a big play at a key time. Cornerback Sheldon Brown came up with the pick off Giants quarterback Eli Manning, giving the Eagles life here, with plenty of time to either tie or go ahead. Stay tuned, our one blog reader.

Giants 23, Eagles 17

It has to be said: The Eagles defense is not good. It's nowhere near good. Good left and now lives in another state.

Giants 20, Eagles 17

David Akers' 49-yard field goal attempt came up excrutiatingly short as the football hit the crossbar, bounced ten feet up in the air and plopped to the ground. The Giants, however, connected on a 21-yard chip shot and re-took the lead, 20-17. Still plenty of time left.

Halftime Score: Eagles 17, Giants 17

What the heck was Giants coach Tom Coughlin thinking when he declined the offensive pass interference penalty on L.J. Smith? On third and four from the Giants 26-yard line, the Eagles tight end was flagged for a ten-yard penalty. The Eagles would have had third and 14 from the Giants 36-yard line, and if they didn't get any yards on the next play, a 52-yard field goal attempt for David Akers. But numbskull Coughlin essentially gave the Eagles the three points and now we have a tie game. Did he not trust his defense? Did he think he was playing the Colts offense for a second there? A call only Rich Kotite could have made.

Giants 17, Eagles 14

Andy Reid has stressed the last few weeks that the younger players have a great opportunity to make an impression with their play during the final games of the season. Moats appears to have gotten the memo and is definitely raising eyebrows here in the press box. He has 89 yards on only five carries and his two plus-18 yard TDs were something to behold. The Louisiana Tech product hit the hole, turned on the accelerator and burst into the end zone.

Giants 17, Eagles 7

Giants kick a 20-yard field goal. Ho-hum.

Giants 14, Eagles 7

Tiki "Eagles Killer" Barber has already torched the Eagles for 47 yards on the ground on nine carries. His 26-yard jaunt that set up a first and goal was the key play of 10-play, 60-yard TD scoring drive for the Giants. The Eagles D showed some courage, holding the Giants on first, second and third down, but the New Yorkers went ahead, 14-7, on a beautifully called and executed QB sneak by Eli Manning.

Eagles 7, Giants 7

The Eagles defense once again gave up a long, clock-churning opening drive for the second straight week. The Giants went 73 yards in 12 plays for the first points of the game, but ...

Surprise, surprise, surprise ... the Eagles struck back and tied the score, 7-7, in a quick four plays. Ryan Moats handled the corner and zoomed 40 yards for the score. The rookie running back had a clear path to the end zone after fullback Josh Parry leveled a Giants defender with a block.

The stadium all of a sudden looks 95 percent full. Guess some of the tailgaters took their lolly-gagging time getting inside. Burp.

Who Are You?

Looking at the Linc, our guesstimate is that the stadium is 90 percent full. Not half bad ... or more like not 9/10s bad.

Eagles vs. Giants: Pre-game Notes

You're looking live at the Eye on Eagles blog. We're here at Lincoln Financial Field for the Eagles vs. Giants 4:05 p.m. start. We're pumped about bringing you, the two remaining fans still interested in the Eagles, updates from the stadium.

Hello ... hello? Is there anybody out there?

Today's inactives for the Eagles are: wide receiver Carl Ford, cornerback Dexter Wynn, running back Brian Westbrook, linebacker Matt McCoy, defensive tackle Keyonta Marshall, guard Scott Young, tackle Calvin Armstrong and, of course, wide receiver Terrell Owens. T.O. is decorating Atlantic City's 40/40 Club in anticipation of his birthday party tomorrow night.

There is no third quarterback. Long snapper Mike Bartram is the third-string emergency QB should Mike McMahon or Koy Detmer not be able to play - which may be a good thing.