Sunday, September 25, 2005

T.O. tones down 'Thriller' dance

Did you notice ....

Down four as the third quarter began, Eagles QB Donovan McNabb hit wide receiver Terrell Owens for three straight completions to give the Eagles their first lead. Owens went into traffic to for gains of 10, 5 and 4 yards, the last for a TD on a high pass over the middle from McNabb.

It was Owens' third touchdown of the season, but his first with a celebration. After the score, Owens did a low-key version of the "Michael Jackson Thriller" move McNabb unnveiled during a Monday Night Football victory over the Minnesota Vikings last year.

Owens' mild re-enactment, with a modest pelvic thrust followed by a half-hearted foot shake, may have been in deference to the toughness McNabb displayed on the first drive of the second half. McNabb opened the drive with three straight incompletions, but a roughing the passer penalty kept the drive alive and McNabb also ran 5 yards for another first down before being inadvertantly hit by Owens on the way down.

Makes you wonder, though, how gleefully Owens might have imitated his recent nemesis, McNabb, had McNabb not been battling through injuries led the Eagles back from a 10-6 deficit.

Owens simply placed the ball on the ground after his first two touchdown catches this season, after feuding with McNabb and Eagles management over his desire for a renegotiation of the seven-year, $49 million contract he signed before joining the Eagles last season.

But the Raiders game featured a nationally touted match-up with Oakland receiver Randy Moss, whom Owens mocked by wearing a "gold-teeth" mouth guard after scoring in that same Monday Night game last season. Also last season, Owens drew plenty of comments after an over-the-top impression of Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis following a TD grab against the Ravens. Clearly, Owens' imitations aren't always meant to flatter.

T.O. again

Second and 3.
Here comes kicker David Akers with 12 second left in regulation. And then Koy Detmer mashes the guy....

T.O. grabs it

T.O. pulled it down and now hobbling kicker David Akers is practicing like he can KICK and win.31 seconds left in regulation.
Late flag, five yard penalty.
25 seconds

Game tied

Eagles strong safety Michael Lewis drops the interception and gets beat in the end zone, Raiders score by wide receiver Doug Gabriel.

Dawkins, saves the TD- twice

Two balls batted down in the end zone by Brian Dawkins. Jump ball on the last play, swat on the one before.

Then the Raiders missed a field goal.
ASnd the Eagles kicker can barely walk.

Weswtbrook's career reception

62 yards, that is the longest reception of Eagles running back Brian Westbrook's career and we just saw it.

T.O. and McNabb

So Donovan McNabb slides and the first one to hit him is not a Raider but T.O. maybe he was returning the favor for that hit he took.

Then McNabb returns the favor with a good pass to T.O. who makes the catch on the 9-yard line. 10 yard gain.

Five more for T.O.Then touchdown and a little bump, bump bump bump from T.O. the new touchdown dance.

Simoneau returns as kicker

Brian Westbrook scores the first points for the Eagles and then defensive end Mark Simoneau, a hero last week, misses the extra point today.

This leaves the question, should the Eagles have gone for a two-point conversion because of all their pro bowl talent?

Players vs. Playas

It is clear deep in the second quarter that there are folks here to play and others who might just as well go home before halftime.
Here to play the game for the Eagles - Eagles secondary, getting the hits.
Here to play the game for the Raiders - defensive end Tommy Kelly, Charles Woodson, making the plays.
Both quarterbacks still a big question mark...

Defense is keeping the Eagles in it

Just say Eagle DDDDDD!!!

Terrell Owens gets popped

Well, T.O. just took one for the team from cornerback Charles Woodson, a Raider to watch this Sunday afternoon. Woodson popped him off his feet. It seems T.O. takes a hit like that at least once a game.

On the same drive, Woodson, obviously a little hyped got called for pass interference.

McNabb throws to Sapp?

Donovan McNabb is not coming out showing BIG GAME form. He just threw to Raider Warren Sapp.

The defense may have to save the day.