Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blame it on Ike?

From The Associated Press:

The Atlanta Falcons were heading back to the locker room after pregame warmups Monday when Ike Reese gave some inside info to his new teammates.

``They're going to stomp on our logo,'' Reese said, motioning back to his former teammates, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sure enough, the Eagles gathered on the 50-yard line, hopping up and down on the Falcons' odd-looking emblem. Led by Reese, the Atlanta players charged back onto the field, muscling for position on a tiny patch of artificial turf with their increasingly bitter rival. Just as it looked like another brawl might break out, the officials stepped in.

``Sure, it's kind of childish,'' Falcons coach Jim Mora said yesterday, breaking into a devilish grin. ``But you've got to admit – it's fun.''

After ejection, Trotter will be 'fine'

From Newsday:

Pair will be fined for pregame fight

The NFL is expected to fine Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter and Falcons cornerback Kevin Mathis for fighting in warm-ups before Monday night's game in Atlanta, Newsday has learned.

The fines are likely to be announced tomorrow or Friday. An amount hasn't been determined, but a person familiar with the situation said it likely would be similar to the $10,000 fines issued to Browns running back William Green and Steelers linebacker Joey Porter for a pregame scuffle last season.

Trotter and Mathis were arguing before the game, and the two then came to blows. An official was in the vicinity, and he ejected both players before the game started.

The teams will not dole out additional fines. The collective bargaining agreement stipulates that a team cannot fine a player for the same infraction if the league issues a fine.