Sunday, August 14, 2005

T.O. checks out the Falcons in ATL

There was a Terrell Owens sighting at Saturday's preseason game between the Falcons and the Baltimore Ravens in Atlanta. Owens sat in the stands, so at least he wasn't parading along the sidelines during the game, but he wasn't wearing camouflage or noise-cancelling headphones while taking in the action.

(We especially like the expression on the face of the young girl sitting behind T.O.)

Interesting game for him to attend, and not just because he previously said he was going to the Bahamas for a "vacation" after being suspended for one week after an altercation with Eagles coach Andy Reid on Wednesday.

Before training camp, and in the midst of his media campaign to try and get the Eagles to renegotiate his "unfair" 7-year, $49 million contract after just one year, Owens told an Atlanta television station he wouldn't mind playing with Michael Vick and the Falcons. And the Ravens were the team Owens spurned in 2004 to help force a trade to the Eagles after the 49ers dealt him to Baltimore.

Of course, when he's not winning friends and influencing people in Philadelphia, or his in-season digs in nearby Moorestown, N.J., Owens resides in a posh suburb of Atlanta. So maybe he just found himself hungry for some football after touching down in the Peachtree city.