Sunday, October 02, 2005

And Reno Mahe ends it

Reno Mahe, who made a few great plays, grabbed the onside kick and saved the Eagles from another series of plays and the chance that the team's Number 1 warrior, quarterback Donovan McNabb might have to take another hit.

Now, its Eagles 3-1.

Next week, Dallas and the undefeated Skins off to Denver. (Did we just say undefeated Redskins? Whoa)

Sports hernia

Sheldon Brown picks off his second pass of the game, making the fourth KC turnover and showing you can recover from a sports henia.....

Chief's biggest collapse ever?

The Chiefs are on the verge of their biggest collapse in franchise history as the Eagles score 28 unanswered points.

Ugly first half, hello good looking second half

Todd France gets it through the uprights yet again, after a drive that featured two great catches by Greg Lewis.

Interesting fact - Chiefs have never lost at home when leading by 17 points or more, but now the game is 27-24, E-A-G-L-E-S.

What gives? Eagles ankles and legs

Paul Grasmanis, Brian Dawkins, and to a lesser degree, Dhani Jones all injured on that last defensive play.

Bartrum for the score?

Mike Bartrum gets his second career touchdown, the Eagles go for two points, Brian Westbrook grabs the ball and walks backwards into the end zone and the game is tied. Very impressive

The Freak

Could we be watching a turn around in this game? Third sign - the Freak, Jevon Kearse gets his first sack. It's been a question asked for the last two games - does Kearse still have it?
Trent Green is now sure he does.

Special Teams messing up

The Eagles special teams put them in a tough position. The fumble, the missed extra point, the blocked field goal, the kickoff return--- to name a few mistakes by the Eagles special teams players that set the tone of the first half.

One quick score to start the third quarter and the Eagles are back. One thing we know, they will keep on coming.

T.O., Eagles hero

So they free up T.O., he gets it done and Todd France finally gets a point in. Very tough one.

Eagles 6, Chiefs 17

Bad snaps, luckily for the Eagles Sheldon Brown caught a good one.

Gettin' started

Mike Patterson's sack may have gotten the ball rolling for the Eagles. And the call on Smith's big catch definitely helps the Eagles cause. This could be the scoring drive the team needs.

But alas, Todd France's first NFL field goal is blocked.

Eagle D

The Eagles defense has kept them in two of the last three games, but today they appear to be struggling for the answer.

KC on the move again

This first two well-executed drives have the makings of a long afternoon. Do the Eagles have an answer for Priest Holmes?

Eagles down by 7, but starting offense

How fast can Donovan McNabb get it going for the Eagles? He will have to really deal it around to keep the defense on its heels.

Eagles and the running game

The Eagles need to shut down the running game quickly to get the crowd out of the game - if they don't this whole game is going to spiral quickly away.