Sunday, September 18, 2005

The QBs

What are the odds that Koy Detmer would go 7 for 7 in the fourth quarter and have a better QB rating than McNabb? Make that 8 for 8 with a touchdown. 42-3

Very strange scores in these first two games of the regular season - the Eagles in last place last week and this week, the Colts waiting a long time to finally score a touchdown, Minnesota just getting flat-out busted (time for head coach Mike Tice to go?), and the Patriots having a tough game at home.

We would say this Eagles game is over

McNabb answers with five TDs

Donovan McNabb having five touchdowns, a 35-3 lead, should go home and kiss the baby.

Simoneau is special

Mark Simoneau became the first defensive player to kick an extra point in 20 years in the NFL since Sept. 8, 1985....

Lito Sheppard, defensive star

Two tackles
Two sacks
One interception.
that sums up Lito Sheppard's day...And we should say one critical interception.

This week, someone said to expect something spectacular from Sheppard or Sheldon Brown, well Lito cam through with a big game for defensive coordinator Jim Johnson.

Dhani Jones is looking pretty good as well.


The first half showed the best of the Eagles but questions about the depth of the lineup remain. Who goes in if Donovan goes down? How badly is Akers injured? How long will T.O.'s leg hold?

Simoneau the kicker

Eagles kicker David Akers did not kick the extra point after the fourth TD.

Back on November 12, 2004, special teams coach John Harbaugh had this to say during a news conference----

On how K David Akers feels: "David has a hip flexor thing, we're resting him during the week. He should be fine for Monday night."
On whether he thought of bringing in an emergency kicker: "No. He'll be fine for Monday night."

At that time, he worked out someone else.

On whether linebacker Mark Simoneau is getting extra reps at kicker: "We had tryouts yesterday, full tryouts. (TE) Chad (Lewis) looked good. He was the guy kicking. Mark has a foot deal so he hasn't really done anything and Chad looked good kicking. We will not need a backup kicker."

So today's extra point by Simoneau should come as no surprise.

(Akers had a hamstring injury and there was no word on his return.)

T.O. crosses milestone

Donovan has three touchdowns, Terrell Owens has 5 rec 143 yards and two touchdowns. And now he has crossed the 10,000-yard milestone, reaching 10.027 on 681 carries.

But for Akers poor attempt at 43 yards, it may have been a score on every drive by the E a g l e s. He was grabbing his right leg.

Make that four touchdowns after the Lito Sheppard interception and Westbrook's TD ...

Akers kicks

So after he missed two 49-yard kicks last week, you must ask, how is David Akers going to do today? Well, he went out for a 43-yarder and missed again.....maybe he overcorrected?

Maybe the Eagles might want to start thinking of that raise. Or as a fellow reporter just said, maybe Brian Westbrook was the holder? whoops

Two touchdowns, three big plays

Timely interception by the poet Dhani Jones then 7 plays, 70 yards, and LJ Smith completes Donovan McNabb's second touchdown pass.