Thursday, September 01, 2005

Back down again - 99 yards

McMahon threw a great pass for a 99-yard touchdown - it got intercepted. 34-7

McMahon - yes!

McMahon scores on an eight-yard drive.
Can you feel the love tonight?

The crowd is feeling the love.

Rumor mill has Fred-exs out the door tonight....

McMahon to the rescue - not!

Goodnight, Koy.
The score is only 20-0.
Here comes McMahon.
2nd and 6----3 and 1---First down.
Well, a few blown chances and penalties later - touchdown for the J-E-T-S.

Eagles with the ball

Ryan Moats ran right into the crowd. Koy Detmer connects to Reggie Brown, 42 yard play. Eagles are on the way..
Brown with a second catch.
Incomplete pass.
Moats with a good cut for 10 yards.
Detmer sacked, loss of 6.

Moats again, just a couple.
and they blow the field goal.

Eagles vs. Jets

Well, we had a glimpse of T.O. before the game started. He actually worked up a sweat. Now he is on the field in uniform - sans helmet. Very sparse crowd. The Jets win the toss. And score the first points....