Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bears DT calls McNabb comments 'a joke'

Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris insists he was joking when he said in Philadelphia last week that the Bears would win a championship with Donovan McNabb at quarterback, rather than current signal-caller Rex Grossman.

Attending McNabb’s charity golf tournament, Harris told reporters that he would love for the Eagles quarterback to play for the Bears and that the Bears would win the Super Bowl with McNabb leading the offense.

"I will be careful the next time I joke around," Harris said Monday in Lake Forest. "Donovan was behind the camera laughing. We were joking around and it escalated to more than what it was. I apologized to the rest of my team. I was very embarrassed with how much it blew up with the media. My team forgave me, so that's all that matters."

For his part, Grossman said it was no big deal. Asked if “it was over,” Grossman said: “Yeah. It was never really started. It’s not that big a deal.”

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