Thursday, June 07, 2007

McNabb looks loose, healthy at mini-camp

Donovan McNabb isn't participating in drills during the current mini-camp, where veterans reported Tuesday and the first full-squad workouts of the 2007 season are taking place through June 14 at the NovaCare Complex, but he has been in uniform and on the field during the first three days of camp.

McNabb shows no signs of a limp or any other impairmant as he jogs around the field and jokes around with teammates. He looks physically fit and his spirits seem high. McNabb, who missed the second half of last season after knee surgery, has said that his recovery is ahead of schedule.

Assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg agreed with that assessment yesterday, saying that if he hadn't known McNabb had knee surgery, he wouldn't have been able to tell by seeing him around the practice facility.

Not content to stand on the sidelines while others went through passing drills, on Thursday McNabb was shagging throws from assistants on the field and lobbing them back to quarteracks A.J. Feeley, Kelly Holcomb and rookie Kevin Kolb as the trio moved through the drills.

Earlier, McNabb played the role of an over-aggressive defensive back on another drill by holding, grabbing and generally mugging an assistant coach playing inside receiver as the quarterbacks threw deep balls to receivers going down the sidelines.

"Get him off me, get him off me," McNabb shouted with a laugh, perhaps recalling his his college basketball days at Syracuse. "He's holding me, man!"

On Wednesday, McNabb was one of the last players out of the showers as the team prepared for its playground rebuilding project in North Philadelphia after a shortened practice session. Sitting at his locker in a towel, McNabb complained about the schedule for the event.

"I can't believe they told me the bus is leaving in 10 minutes," he griped as he prepared to get dressed.

"Don't worry," a reporter quipped as he was leaving the locker room. "The bus isn't leaving without you."


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