Monday, January 30, 2006

J.R. Reed still hopes for big return

From the Allentown Morning Call:

Eagles' Reed still hoping for a big return

Philadelphia Eagles kickoff return specialist and backup safety J.R. Reed is the 2004 fourth-round draft pick who called the Eagles with bad news only a couple of weeks after their Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots.

Reed told coach Andy Reid he had severed the peroneal nerve behind his left knee while scaling a fence at his Tampa Bay home, and doctors considered the injury career-threatening.

''When it happened, I was like, 'Just let me need stitches,''' said Reed, who averaged 23.1 yards per kick return during his rookie 2004 season. ''But I tried to run and I fell. My foot wouldn't work. I was hoping it just fell asleep for a second, and that it wasn't that bad. I was just hoping it needed to wake back up.''
The news is not much better 11 months later.

''I'm scheduled for surgery in February,'' Reed said. ''After that, I have to hope it heals. Hopefully, it feels good for me, a miracle will happen, and I'll be back on the field."

Reed said the surgery in February is actually the first of two he will have to endure in a six-month span if he is to have any chance of playing football again.

Reed said he was so frustrated by the injury that he stayed as far away as possible from the 2005 Eagles.


At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone of the writers comment on McNabb's ESPN interview? After spewing the company line for the entire season and begging the media to let go of the T.O. situation, why won't McNabb let it rest. If you are going to be a man and be above what's been going on, do it all the way through. Why come out now and bash T.O.? I just don't get it... It just shows that McNabb let the situation get to him and is not ready to move on. The icing on the cake is the "black-on-black" garbage that McNabb accused T.O. of... unbelievable.

As an Eagles fan, I can't help but to compare McNabb to the best quarterback in the league, Tom Brady. After finding out that Brady played pretty much the whole season with sports hernia similar to McNabb, I have more respect to Brady than ever and am losing respect for McNabb...

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a few things....first why was J R Reed scaling a fence..the Eagles lose #1 kick-off returner and heir apparent to Brian Dawkins....Michael Lewis is a great tackler...but only fair in coverage....forget Matt Ware as safety....average cover guy...below average tackler...time for Hollis Thomas to go....if he is our best run defender...we are in trouble....same with Darwin much flak as Todd Pinkston gets in some circles...every big Eagle game..has a least one outstanding catch from Pinkston....finally got the nerve to watch Eagles Super Bowl 39 bid....Donavan made some poor throws...but victimized more by slippery hands...All Eagles ..please let the T.O. thing go...LB production (other than Jeremiah) huge problem....DT output almost as bad....Eagles defensive schemes need to be refreshed...Marty M....good luck...

At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Eagles could be in big trouble next year.
Needs: 1-maneating D tackle
1-big time D end
1-outside linebacker that can play
1- O lineman
1- Wide out
1- running back(between the tackles)
1- backup QB.

That's a lot of needs?

At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Eagles have far too many needs to get back to the top of the East in one year. Forget about all the in- fighting, the holes on this team are glaring. Even if they get back to being friendly again, they desperately need a pass rush, lb help, and a running game. Not to mention their offensive line is soft and they may lose Runyan. With other teams finally coming back (Giants, Skins, Dallas among others) its going to be very hard to make any waves with this team.

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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