Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Miami's Chambers: Don't add Owens

From the Miami Herald:


A Chris Chambers/Terrell Owens combo at receiver might seem tantalizing to Dolfans. But count Chambers among those opposed to it.

Chambers believes adding Owens would be a bad idea and hurt chemistry. ''If you have another star receiver, it would cause more controversy,'' he said. `` Marty Booker is an excellent receiver . . . We have [tight end] Randy McMichael. We already have the pieces here. I don't see a reason to go get a big-time receiver.''

Another familiar-sounding bit at the end:

• Sightings: It's always a circus around Owens, who had a trick-performing magician at his table at Prime 112 last week while ABC's Wife Swap was filmed at the next table.


At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that Tampa Bay may be interested in T.O. Does anyone think that Gruden would trade Michael Clayton for T.O.? If Tampa Bay gets T.O., they'll have Galloway and T.O. as their wideouts leaving Clayton as the odd man out. His production was down this year due to injuries but his future seems promising. Additionally, Clayton is used to the West Coast offense under Gruden so he should fit into Andy's offense pretty easily.

At 7:52 AM, Blogger mike said...

why would anybody trade anything for him.
wait for 3/1 and try your best to get him...

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at Chad Johnson did to his coaches after the Bengals loss. Watch Steve Smith (another playmaker with suspect character) having a field-day against the mighty Chicago defense. There is no question about T.O.'s talent so why not give it a shot? I'm thinking that he'll be a boy scout for at least one year as he was with the Eagles in 2004. For teams on the verge of becoming a potential Super Bowl candidate like Cowboys and Bucs, why not? Even the Eagles considered T.O. a two year "project" when they first got him... so why not sign an incentive-laden contract for 1 or 2-years and see how things go? If he flops then the financial loss will be minimal. The Eagles had a tough year because No.5 was hurt and defensive line and linebackers (except for Trotter) were bad. Let's see how the Patriots or Colts do without Brady or Manning?

At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with the last poster more on Owens. Next season he will be AWESOME on the football field, and very nice off of it. He has everything to prove. But I don;t see any team giving him any more than a 1 year deal with a team option for another (do they do that in football?).


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