Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Miami's Chambers: Don't add Owens

From the Miami Herald:


A Chris Chambers/Terrell Owens combo at receiver might seem tantalizing to Dolfans. But count Chambers among those opposed to it.

Chambers believes adding Owens would be a bad idea and hurt chemistry. ''If you have another star receiver, it would cause more controversy,'' he said. `` Marty Booker is an excellent receiver . . . We have [tight end] Randy McMichael. We already have the pieces here. I don't see a reason to go get a big-time receiver.''

Another familiar-sounding bit at the end:

• Sightings: It's always a circus around Owens, who had a trick-performing magician at his table at Prime 112 last week while ABC's Wife Swap was filmed at the next table.