Sunday, October 09, 2005

Potsgame Questions

Were there any positives to take from this game? I can’t think of one. Please give me one if you can think of it. I dare you.
Did the Eagles err by not addressing quarterback Donovan McNabb’s sports hernia injury with an in-season surgery?
Why did head coach Andy Reid allow McNabb to play trailing, 33-10, with less than five minutes remaining? Does Reid really want to thumb his nose at his critics?
I found one positive from the game. It’s a weak one, but punter Dirk Johnson averaged 47.2 yards on eight punts.
Where was Eagles middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter against the run as the game wore on? The Cowboys were running through holes as wide as defensive tackle Hollis Thomas’ rear.
Is this loss just a speed bump for the 3-2 Eagles on their return to the Super Bowl or is it a sign of things to come?
Will Reid finally admit the Eagles need a running game? They gained only 19 yards on the ground.
Which problem of the many to chose from is the biggest concern for Reid and his coaches? My vote is for the utter lack of a pass rush.
Is the bye week, which comes this week for the Eagles, a good or bad thing following a devastating loss? The numbers pretty much some up the butt-kicking the Eagles took. Total yards: Cowboys 456, Eagles 129. Total plays: Cowboys 81, Eagles 43.
Why was I watching this terrible football game when I should have been witnessing the longest postseason game in baseball history – and 18 inning marathon that saw the Houston Astros knock the Atlanta Braves out of the playoffs (again), 7-6?
For some answers to these questions, read my own blog – Jeff’s Play at -- starting tomorrow. See you then.

Final score: Cowboys 33, Eagles 10

What's that smell?


The Cowboys have punted! The Cowboys have punted! It took over three quarters, but the Eagles finally forced the Cowboys to punt. In a game with almost zero highlights for the Birds, it’s the little things that count.
A passing thought … Is Keyshawn Johnson the most overrated, over-hyped player in recent memory? He and Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe mixed it up on the sideline after Johnson’s fumble was returned for a TD. Hey, Keyshawn, take a look at the scoreboard. You’re winning by 20 points.
If it weren’t for Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells, the self-promoting wide receiver would probably be on some D-list reality show right now.

No Hope

A Lito Sheppard hit and Sheldon Brown fumble recovery return for a TD has trimmed the Cowboys lead, 30-10. It won’t matter. The Dallas offense simply has the Eagles’ number. And the Eagles offense has the number zero in terms of TDs.

Offensive Defense

Are we watching the beginning of a downward trend for the Eagles? Is this the impetus for Andy Reid to take some serious stock of his defensive corps? The defensive tackle position – thin because of injuries to Darwin Walker and Paul Grasmanis – needs to be addressed.

Halftime score: Cowboys 27, Eagles 3

This may be the worst half the Eagles have ever played under head coach Andy Reid. The defense has done nothing right. The line has put zero pressure on Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe. The linebackers have been unable to seal the outside against the run. The cornerbacks have missed tackles and missed receivers. And Bledsoe, meanwhile, looks Donovan McNabb-like. His numbers: 19 of 26 passing, 241 yards and 3 TDs.
Speaking of McNabb … are his injuries finally starting to that their toll? He’s been off-target and off his game in all facets. The late second quarter sack he took was the sort of poor decision you see a rookie make. He had plenty of time to just throw the ball away, thus avoiding the sack. His numbers: 9 of 17, 98 yards, 0 TDs.
Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens has been conspicuously silent, but mostly because McNabb has been wild with his passes.
We may be going out on a limb here, but the Eagles don’t look as though they’ll be making any kind of second half comeback. Just call it a hunch.

17 Spot

For the second straight week the Eagles have spotted an opponent 17 points. The Cowboys lead, 17-0, through one quarter and have virtually ran over, through and around the Eagles’ porous defense. The Birds’ offense has been just as bad, and needed almost 15 minutes before recording their first first down of the game.
In other news, Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens and Cowboys safety Roy Williams met for the first time in the game. If you recall, Williams was the one who ended Owens’ regular season last year when he horse collar tackled him and broke his leg. This time, Owens caught a screen pass out of the backfield and was brought down by Williams for a 1-yard loss.

Cowboys 14, Eagles 0 (And looking like a terrible first quarter team)

Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe hit wide receiver Terry Glenn for a 38-yard TD, their second TD hook-up of the game. Were the Cowboys grossly overlooked or are the Eagles still living in the moment of last Sunday’s comeback win over the Kansas City Chiefs?

Spoiled Tuna

Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells has a history of being a gambler when it comes to fourth down. So it wasn’t a huge surprise when he went for it on fourth and goal from the 1-yard line in the first quarter. But it says here it was the wrong call. And that’s not just in hindsight because the Eagles stuffed Julius Jones. With already a 7-0 lead, an additional three points from a chip shot field goal would give the underdog Cowboys a 10 point lead on a team that would most likely have a difficult time coming back from double digit deficits two weeks in a row.

The first two minutes

If you missed the first two minutes of the game, you missed Dallas scoring easily and now the Cowboys are running it back on them in the second drive.

Well, Eagles fans, hold your breathe until the last two minutes....

Not So Special

The Eagles’ special teams have been less than desirable thus far this season.

Well, isn’t it predictable then that the kickoff coverage team gives the Cowboys great field position by allowing a 40-yard return on the opening kickoff. Kicker Todd France did his best David Akers imitation, however, making an open field tackle on Tyson Thompson.
Cowpokes quarterback Drew Bledsoe then picked the Eagles secondary apart, leading a 4-play, 51-yard TD drive. Not the start you’d hope for.

Now eye get it

So, Jeremiah Trotter pushes an Atlanta Falcon before Monday Night Football and he is ejected before the game gets started.

But when the beloved Ronde Barber of the Tampa Bay Bucs throws his arm during a game and makes contact with an umpire's eye, it's inadvertent.

At least that how the game officials and the ASSOCIATED PRESS called it:

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Tampa Bay cornerback Ronde Barber inadvertently punched umpire Butch Hannah in the eye when he swung at New York Jets center Kevin Mawae during an altercation in the second quarter of their game Sunday.
After the Jets got the ball on the Buccaneers 8 on Ty Law’s second interception of the season, Curtis Martin rushed for 3 yards. After the play, Mawae and Barber got into it. While the two were yelling at each other, Barber took a swing at Mawae with his right hand — but missed and landed a punch toHannah’s right eye. Hannah was sent sprawling to the field, holding his face, but he got up quickly.
Hannah appeared to be OK and stayed in the game, but was rubbing the eye afterward. Barber was flagged for unnecessary roughness but not ejected, giving the Jets the ball on the 2. Martin ran it in on the next play for his first touchdown ofthe season, giving New York a 7-6 lead with 7:32 left in the half.