Thursday, September 22, 2005

Eagles getting ready for NFL's bad boys

Well since Oakland's Randy Moss pretty much said the Eagles Brian Dawkins cannot keep up with him, it stands to reason that statement, recorded on a mike during a game, might get the attention of Jim Johnson, the Eagles defensive coordinator.

On Thursday when Johnson was asked whether he has seen a nastier attitude in the defense so far, he said:
“Yeah, I don't know how that got out. One of our biggest goals is that we felt that we needed to get more turnovers. All the things that we have done over the past five years with this defense, the same guys, (safety) Brian Dawkins and a lot of those guys, some of the things are very good as in points allowed. I just felt that one of the things that we needed to pick up, that we lacked in the Super Bowl, is turnovers. Part of that is pressuring the quarterback. Ripping the ball out like we did the other night, causing fumbles and I think that comes with the nastiness as far as a bunch of wild guys getting around the ball carriers. Turnovers are a big thing. We really think that over the past few years we have not done a good job. So we are emphasizing it, we talk about it and players have to believe in it too. When good things happen we can keep striving for it.”