Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blame it on Ike?

From The Associated Press:

The Atlanta Falcons were heading back to the locker room after pregame warmups Monday when Ike Reese gave some inside info to his new teammates.

``They're going to stomp on our logo,'' Reese said, motioning back to his former teammates, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sure enough, the Eagles gathered on the 50-yard line, hopping up and down on the Falcons' odd-looking emblem. Led by Reese, the Atlanta players charged back onto the field, muscling for position on a tiny patch of artificial turf with their increasingly bitter rival. Just as it looked like another brawl might break out, the officials stepped in.

``Sure, it's kind of childish,'' Falcons coach Jim Mora said yesterday, breaking into a devilish grin. ``But you've got to admit – it's fun.''


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