Monday, August 08, 2005

T.O. miffs autograph seekers

As you've no doubt heard or read by now, Terrell Owens -- who skipped this morning's practice while recovering from his strained groin muscle -- further antogonized the Eagles faithful when he skipped Sunday's autograph session for the team's wide recivers at training camp on Sunday. Owens attended the Sunday morning practice after missing the previous 2 1/2 while undergoing treatment for his groin, which has occassionally given him problems since his days with the San Francisco 49ers. The team said he was undergoing more treatment during the autograph session, but that didn't matter to many. A sample from the discussion boards:'s Eagles board:

PeteLP says, "(S)igning autographs for fans has nothing to do with business...that is a way to connect with the fans. If that was "sticking it" to the Eagles who really suffered? He could have signed autographs and got even more people into his corner. Another missed opportunity for image resurrection!"

hlpats adds, "TO blew a chance to connect with the fans and from that all I can assume is that he does not care. That is not surprising to me."

Phildogs notes, "Everyone knows that I have been the biggest defender of TO. But he should have signed some autographs. I busted my groin playing basketball in junior high. I couldn't walk, it hurt so bad. The treatment I used was to alternate hot and cold pads. I feel he could have sat there with the pads on his groin while signing autographs."


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