Wednesday, August 03, 2005

T.O. snubs teammate Hugh Douglas

From Ashley McGeachy Fox:

While the other Eagles veterans joked on the sideline yesterday during a special-teams drill at the end of practice, Terrell Owens knelt away from the fray, quiet and alone. Apparently, he wanted to stay that way.

But the jovial Hugh Douglas, a vocal team leader, approached Owens, essentially extending his hand to the man who has caused such a stir with his contract demands. Owens hardly looked at the defensive end as he got up and walked away, leaving the brushed-off Douglas less than happy.

"I was just trying to be nice," Douglas said later, after Jeremiah Trotter calmed him down, told him to give Owens some time, and promised to talk to the disgruntled wide receiver.

"He's in a situation where he's trying to get something done, so he's probably a little upset. In a situation like that, I think the best thing to do is give him some space and let him work it out."

Despite cordial statements after a brief meeting with team officials, things between Owens and the Eagles are far from nice.

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At 1:42 PM, Anonymous owen lewinton said...

a cancer which invades a body can not be made nice to,either you cut it out,shrink it or it will kill you by strangling the hosts organs.the veterans can try but owens will attempt tactics used successfully with the 49ers,make yourself so disruptive that the team will jettison him rather than have him sew disunity and discord.he has only one goal,self satisfaction

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hugh Douglas' extension of friendship has nothing to do with TO's "trying to get soemthing done."
This is a bad sign.We'll see what happens but if this kind of behavior continues,it won't matter if TO catches 20 TDs.
He'll turn this team into pro-TO
and anti-TO factions.
Sadly,we very well may have to decide who we are and get rid of him.

At 9:32 AM, Blogger PhillyD92 said...

Who cares if Owens is "Naughty or Nice" as long as he produces and helps us get back to the big dance and and we win it!


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