Monday, August 08, 2005

Birds' Brown joins the blog brigade

Cornerback Sheldon Brown has a blog running -- more like strolling -- on the Eagles web site:

It's only had three updates since it launched on June 2 (guess he's been a little busy), but he did provide a training camp update yesterday, for those who might be interested in a player's perspective on camp. He even offers his thoughts on Terrell Owens:

"Terrell Owens is a big story for the media in this camp but, honestly, it's not a big story for me. I had a 10- or 15-minute talk with T.O. when he first got here and to me he's a great teammate and, hey, he makes me a better player every time I line up against him. He works as hard as anybody I've been around. As long as he comes and shows up and plays, he's OK by me."


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