Monday, November 27, 2006

Eagles On A Bad Run

INDIANAPOLIS -- This is beginning to look a lot like last year and we all remember that wasn't such a pretty site for the Eagles.
What is most discouraging is how teams have been literally running over the Eagles during the last month. The Colts rushed for 237 yards and quarterback Peyton Manning barely had to break a sweat in Sunday's 45-21 demolition of the Eagles.
Three times in the last four games, a team has run for more than 200 yards against the Eagles. Those opponents have been running around and through the Eagles defense, which is offering little resistance.
There is nothing that demoralizes a team more than having a team knock the living tar out of them by running the ball down their collective throats.
Teams that can't stop the run in the NFL, college, high school or Pop Warner, usually lose more games than the win.
The Eagles are 5-6. There are still some wide-eyed optimists that are talking about the playoffs. How about winning another game in the last five just to match last year's 6-10 record?
This is a team that has lost confidence and apparently lost the ability to perform the most fundamental of tasks - tackling a ballcarrier.
Against the Colts the Eagles had their share of missed tackles, but for the most part, they were just physically dominated.
The Eagles looked like a beaten team leaving their locker room at the RCA Dome. They no doubt had a long flight home, but not nearly as long as the next five games, which offer little hope in this lost season.