Monday, November 13, 2006

All Wins Are Good Ones In The Balanced NFL

It's easy to dismiss the Eagles 27-3 win over Washington as no big deal, over a Redskins team that has just kissed its playoff homes goodbye.
Yet in the NFL, especially this year, no win should be taken for granted. As bad as the Redskins looked against the Eagles, they were able to beat Dallas the previous week.
And if anybody is checking, the Eagles' best win this year has still be over that Dallas team.
After losing three straight games, the Eagles needed a win of any kind, and forget about the style points.
They even showed they can win a game when Donovan McNabb isn't at his best.
There is a tendency to think that this week's game at Lincoln Financial Field against the 2-7 Tennessee Titans will be another laugher.
Keep in mind, Tennessee lost just 14-13 to the undefeated Indianapolis Colts.
So anything can happen in this wacky NFL.
In this year of parity, a 9-7 record could get a team in the wild card hunt.
Just as they had to last week, the Eagles must stomp on an inferior Tennessee team this week, but a win over the Titans isn't a given. That's because the Eagles have already lost to a Tampa Bay team that went 2-6 in the first half of the season.
Sure the Eagles are feeling better about themselves. The defense has allowed just one touchdown in the last three games.
The offense, especially with the return of Donte' Stallworth and the continued always potential explosiveness of Brian Westbrook is more than capable.
It's just a team can never get too comfortable. The Eagles shouldn't and to their credit, aren't talking playoffs. They are just talking about the next game, which in the NFL is all that matters.