Sunday, September 24, 2006

Must Win Game Today For Eagles

SAN FRANCISCO -- During the preseason, this looked like a gimmie, one that wouldn't extend the Eagles much more than last year's 42-3 romp of the San Francisco 49ers. Things have changed.
Now the Eagles face a must-win situation - in week three for crying out loud - when they face the 49ers later this afternoon here at Monster Park.
Last week's crushing 30-24 overtime loss to the New York Giants, not only allowed a sleeping giant (no pun intended) to reawaken, but it now narrowed the Eagles' margin of error.
Even though the 49ers appear improved, evidenced by last week's 20-13 win over the St. Louis Rams, it is still a team the Eagles are supposed to beat.
And if anybody looked at the Eagles schedule, there aren't many of those beatable teams they play in the second half of the season.
So games with the 49ers and next Monday Night against visiting Green Bay, are must-wins for the Eagles if they plan on extending their season beyond New Year's Eve.
All week the Eagles seemed to be bothered about answering questions of their collapse last week, squandering a 24-7 fourth quarter lead to the Giants.
The players insist they have forgotten last week and the real test will be if they remember to put a team away.
While it might seem drastic to suggest that a loss to the 49ers would cripple the Eagles' playoff chances, but at the least it would put them in a serious hole. And in the third week of the season, that's not a place that any aspiring playoff team wants to be.