Monday, September 18, 2006

Are Eagles Fans Overrated?

We keep hearing about the passionate Eagles fans and how they are the 12th man for team. Then if that is true, there is just one simple question that needs to be asked - where were the fans at the end of Sunday's 30-24 overtime loss at Lincoln Financial Field to the New York Giants.?
By the beginning of overtime, a sizeable number of patrons had left. And the numbers kept growing. When the Eagles needed the vocal support, many of the fans had bailed out.
While we realize that there are few things worse than getting stuck in Eagles traffic, one would think the fans would want to stay for the outcome. Especially when they pay good money for their seats.
True fans stay with the team until the end of the game. They can cheer or boo, but leaving a game before the outcome is known is usually something that is associated with laid-back fans who view a football game strictly as a social affair.
The Eagles fans are supposed to live and die with their team, not abandon it in droves.
Sure the Linc was loud and the Eagles fans are as difficult as any on the visiting team, but a fan can't cheer or boo if he or she isn't in a seat.
And there were plenty of empty seats when the Eli Manning connected with Plaxico Burress with the winning 31-yard TD pass.
So the Eagles weren't the only ones who had a disappointing effort. Many of the so-called best fans in the NFL, jumped ship early. In doing so, they have left the impression that they don't care quite as much as their reputations suggests that they do.

Can The Eagles Beat A Quality Team?

We'll get past the obvious that this was one of the most devastating and inexcusable defeats in Eagles football history. What's worse about Sunday's 30-24 OT debacle to the New York Giants is that it woke New York up.
Instead of being 0-2 and having to travel to Seattle, the Giants now feel pretty good about themselves. And the Eagles don't.
Everybody knows all this. And the fact that the Birds still have problems with clock management, the running game, and making the clutch play.
What's worse is that the Eagles have to be wondering is they can beat a quality team. No matter what is said this week, the Eagles' confidence took a major hit.
And it won't be automatic against the 49ers Sunday in San Francisco. Just ask the St. Louis Rams.
Until the Eagles beat a good team and show they can come up big in a clutch situation, there will continue to be questions about the Birds.
No doubt, the loss to the Giants felt like a Trent Cole kick to the groin to all the players and coaches. Even beating the 49ers and Green Bay Packers the next two weeks won't take the sting away, but it will sure help the Eagles' morale and standing in the NFC East.
There is no use dwelling on the obvious. The Eagles have to go out and prove that they can beat a decent team.
They will get the chance Oct. 8 when Dallas comes to town. Meanwhile, now the Eagles have to show they can beat mediocre teams. After Sunday's loss, nothing is certain with this puzzling Eagles squad.