Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Perry Cornering The Market On Defense

It has to be a slow news day and to be honest, a slow week when the big story centers on a position change by the Eagles' Bruce Perry.
Up until Monday, Perry was a running back, but Eagles coach Andy Reid casually mentioned at his Wednesday press conference that Perry is now playing defense.
When confronted in the locker room, Perry indeed spilled the beans, admitting that he is now a cornerback.
While that might not seem like a good career move for Perry, it beats the alternative - unemployment.
Perry was in real danger of being cut, but the Eagles made a sound move by keeping him. Perry will return kicks for the Eagles, and he showed in a late-season two-game audition last year that he is up to that job. Perry averaged 27.3 yards on 10 kickoff returns. He has good explosion and there are only two things that should worry the Eagles. Perry has a penchant for putting the ball on the ground and he doesn't always stay healthy.
Still, he is an upgrade as a returner over J.R. Reed, who lasted until the final cut and has since signed with St. Louis.
Perry didn't seem happy about the move to defense, but he played the good soldier and said he would do whatever it took for the team to win.
And if he can return kicks at a high level, which Perry is certainly is capable of doing, then he will be making a major contribution. The only way Perry would likely return to running back is if the Eagles have a number of injuries.
He is a nice insurance policy, but now he can concentrate mainly on his main job, which is giving the Eagles a threat on kickoffs, something that was sorely missing last year - at least until the final two games.