Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pinkston Rightfully Shown The Door

The Todd Pinkston era is over in Philadelphia and there won't be many people shedding tears. For somebody who started on a team that went to four NFC title games and one Super Bowl, Pinkston wasn't the most appreciated athlete.
He was known for his speed and and his career 15.3 average yards per catch is better than Terrell Owens (14.7).
Yet Pinkston, despite being a second-round draft choice, was never more than a complimentary receiver. Plus he had just 14 touchdowns during his four years as a full-time starter, not the type of production that would make him a fan-favorite.
This year the Eagles were almost forced to depend on Pinkston, but anybody who saw him in training camp, practice or his one preseason game would have to realize that he still appeared tentative.
What's worse, if the Eagles had to depend on him, they would have been in deep trouble. The brain trust realized this fact, which is why they acquired Donte' Stallworth.
It's no secret that the coaching staff felt Pinkston was taking a little too long to get back in the swing of things. And now he is free to begin his career elsewhere.
Don't be surprised if he ends up in Minnesota, where head coach Brad Childress, the former Eagle offensive coordinator, has welcomed ex-Eagles with open arms.
Pinkston may be a productive player, but he wasn't going to help the Eagles right now or probably any time this year.
He was very popular with his fellow teammates, who genuinely looked up to a player who has been with the Eagles since 2000.
Now the book is closed on Pinkston. The Eagles appreciate his service, but realized that they couldn't depend on him.
And nobody can question that logic.