Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Enough of the Super Bowl Talk Please

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Donovan McNabb feels the Eagles are a Super Bowl team. So does safety Brian Dawkins. And offensive guard Shawn Andrews said the same thing. Who knows how many other Eagles feel the same way, but here's some quick advice - SHUT UP!
Enough of this Super Bowl talk. While it's nice that the team shows confidence, after a 6-10 season, the Eagles should be a little humbled.
Instead of talking of getting to the Super Bowl, how about beating Houston in the season opener? The Eagles feel they are among the elite teams in the NFL, that last year was an aberration. That's great that this is a confident club, but a little bit of humble pie would serve the team well. The Eagles don't need to fire up their opponents even more by telling everybody how good they are. They should go out there and prove it.
It's nice that the Eagles are so confident, but the fact remains that the team is coming off a 6-10 season and the receivers are questionable and running back position could use some depth.
The Eagles should stop with the predictions and just go out and play. All they are doing by telling everybody how good they think they are is heightening the expectations of everybody. Plus they are giving their opponents plenty of fodder in the motivation department.
Since NFL championships aren't won at the podium, the Eagles should do all their talking on the field and nowhere else.