Monday, July 31, 2006

Eagles Show They Can Take The Heat

BETHLEHEM, PA -- It's still not known whether the Eagles can beat the Redskins, Cowboys and Giants, but at least they have shown that they can beat the heat.
The heat index during Monday's morning practice at Lehigh reached 95. Donovan McNabb would be happy to have a quarterback rating that high.
The Birds went about business, even though it was difficult to watch due to the suffocating heat. It goes to show how well conditioned the athletes are.
They weren't dropping like flies. Only tight end Matt Schobel left with dehydration. Over the next few days the Eagles will receive an even bigger test when the thermostat reaches triple figures.
One thing it shows is that the players took their offseason training very seriously. Coach Andy Reid worked them through a brisk 2 hour and 15 minute practice and their tongues weren't hanging.
Whether this means anything when they face their NFC East rivals is not known, but at least the Eagles are in good shape physically.
After last season's 6-10 record, any good news for the new season should be welcome.