Sunday, July 30, 2006

Eagles Should Trade For Porter

BETHLEHEM, PA -- He has never made the Pro Bowl, never had a 1,000-yard season and supposedly has that diva quality that infests many of the top NFL wide receivers. That all said, Jerry Porter would look good in an Eagles uniform.
He is unhappy in Oakland, where Randy Moss is still the boss of the receiving corps. Porter just turned 28. He has good speed and over the past two years has averaged 70 receptions for 970 yards and seven TDs.
If you're the Eagles wouldn't you take these numbers in a heartbeat?
Oakland has asked for two first round draft choices for Porter. That is a high price and that is why there are negotiations. For a player like Porter in a position of such dire need for the Eagles, sending a No. 1 and No. 3 (in different years) wouldn't seem so bad.
Last year Terrell Owens, who had 47 receptions for 763 yards and six TDs. He led the Eagles in receiving yards and receiving TDs, while not playing the final nine games.
That was a lot of production and the Eagles never came close to making up for his absence on the field. Off of it, is a different story.
Now Reggie Brown is penciled as the No. 1 receiver. Brown, who is currently hobbled with a hamstring injury, should turn out to be a very good NFL receiver.
Yet there is nothing wrong with keeping him as a No. 2 receiver in his second year. Porter would take a tremendous amount of pressure off Brown.
And he would give the Eagles a dependable receiver opposite of Brown, something they can't say they have at the moment.
There are people who are worried that Porter would be a T.O. clone, but nobody is a like T.O, in either attitude or talent.
Porter is worth the gamble. If not, teams will concentrate their efforts on stopping Brian Westbrook and Reggie Brown in the passing game and dare to allow somebody else to beat them. Right now there doesn't appear to be anybody else who can do this on a consistent basis.
Porter would bring much needed talent and his presence could mean the difference between making the playoffs and sitting out another postseason.