Thursday, July 27, 2006

Eagles Hitting Hard At Lehigh

BETHLEHEM, PA -- If the fans who come to Lehigh to watch the morning workouts in pads feel that the Eagles are hitting more this year in camp, they aren't alone. The players realize this as well. The one thing teams use camp for is to get the players in a hitting mindset. Once the season begins, the hitting usually only occurs on game day.
There have been some hard hits. Many of the veterans aren't crazy about all the knocking around, but they realize after a 6-10 season, they don't have any say in the matter.
"I think the last couple of years because we were going so deep into the playoffs, he (coach Andy Reid) kind of eased up on the contact," Eagles safety Brian Dawkins said. "Last year we didn't go to the playoffs, so that is why we are putting the hammer down."
And the hammer has been hitting. The only hope is that the Eagles don't leave all their hitting ability at Lehigh. And that as a team, they stay in one piece.
Maybe all the hitting is the Eagles way of taking the frustration of last year. Either way, Reid has the undivided attention of the team and the players are showing that they aren't taking plays off,
So look for more big hits, but the Eagles have to hope that the biggest ones are saved for the regular season.