Monday, June 05, 2006

Eagles In Harmony

If harmony could equal wins, then the Eagles will be heading to the Super Bowl. However it is never that easy, but at least there is a different tone to this year's Eagles team.
No back-stabbing. No complaining about contracts. And in the most telling circumstance - no no-shows at volunteer camp.
The Eagles began their voluntary camp on Monday and surprise - everybody volunteered to come. That was a dramatic departure form last year when Corey Simon and Terrell Owens opted not to join the rest of the team.
Is it any surprise that both are no former Eagles?
That suggests that these workouts aren't so voluntary and that players who complain about their contracts, usually don't last long around the NovaCare Complex.
Yet everybody showed up this year and presumably the Eagles will be devoid of the distractions (i.e. Owens) that poisoned this team a year ago.
"It's great to be talking about football and not a player who isn't here," said cornerback Sheldon Brown, who is coming off shoulder surgery, but still participated.
Wonder who that player he was talking about?
Coach Andy Reid appeared genuinely happy, even though he is a master at keeping his emotions in check.
"It was good literally to have everybody out there and everybody in the building here," Reid said.
So now the team appears pointed in the same direction, with everybody having the same goals - improve dramatically on the 6-10 record and beat Dallas and a certain former Eagle twice.
Having such harmony may not translate to a winning team, but is sure beats the way things went a year ago.