Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Answering the Critics About Minicamp

In response to some questions from fans who want more analysis of the rookies at minicamp, here's one thing to remember - it can't be done with any degree of accuracy. Or with a straight face.
The players aren't wearing pads and it was basically a passing camp. For those e-mailers who wanted evaluations of defensive linemen like Darren Howard and first round pick Brodrick Bunkley, check back in late July when the teams are hitting.
How anybody can honestly say with a straight face that a certain lineman looked good or bad in this minicamp is comical.
And honestly it is difficult to get a gauge even on the receivers in this setting. When the players start hitting, the evaluations will come, but we're not going to say somebody looked good for the sake of saying it.
Looked good doing what? We know the Eagles fans are starved for information, but releasing misleading info isn't the best of practices and anybody who says that a player can receive an honest evaluation over the first minicamp of the season is seriously delusional.