Tuesday, November 08, 2005

No Turning Back on T.O.

Last week before the decision was made, it was this reporter's opinion that the Eagles shouldn't suspend T.O. The reasoning was that the Eagles had put up with T.O.'s B.S. so long that they might as well take advantage of the one area where he could help them - making big plays.
Yet once the decision was made, now there is no turning back. Whoever wrote the apology for T.O. that he read in front of his home, did a great job.
It was the equivalent of T.O. getting on his knees and begging to play again. Yet the Eagles took a stance and to go back on it now would be a major mistake.
It would also be a major surprise. The Eagles went further with T.O. than anybody who follows this organization closely could believe.
The constant turmoil and the numerous disruptions showed that he put himself above the team. And during the Andy Reid era, the Eagles have prided themselves on being a cohesive unit, with no need or desire for individualism.
The Eagles at time appeared like a weak organization when they looked the other way during many of T.O.'s antics. Once they made the bold move, they can't change their mind, or there is the chance that he organization can lose the entire locker room.
Don't be fooled by Reggie Brown's strong game against the Redskins. The Eagles will sorely miss T.O. on the field. And if he ever goes to his current hometown team, the Atlanta Falcons, then they would become the NFC favorite - for next year.
It's highly unlikely that T.O. will play again this year and that fact hit him square in the chops, which is why he was publicly begging for another chance.
T.O. will get another chance somewhere, but he will now have to prove that he can act like a civilized human being. The apology he made to the Eagles, might impress other teams and in a way, he did it for future suitors, because the Eagles sure shouldn't and likely won't reconsider their decision to take him back.