Friday, November 04, 2005

Eagles Should Suspend Any Idea of Sitting T.O.

Even some of the Eagles players are now admitting that Terrell Owens is becoming a major distraction.
Let's review. He said that the Eagles would be unbeaten if Brett Favre was the quarterback. Owens ripped the team for not having an approriate ceremony for his 100th career reception (again showing he cares as much about himself as anything or anyone else). And he continues to complain about his seven-year $49 million contract that will no doubt be terminated following this season with the Eagles.
Yes, T.O. is out of control and the less-than-sincere apology that he was forced to issue to the team won't change things.
Based on his past behavior, nothing he has done this season should come as a surprise. Yet for all the trouble he has caused, there is one thing that sometimes is forgotten - he's been the Eagles best player.
The Eagles have put up with his nonsense to this point, so the they might as well take advantage of his big-play ability. Get all they can out of him this year and then bid him farewell the day after the seaon ends.
Right now, the Eagles can't just get a Pro Bowl caliber receiver to replace him. In fact, they likely couldn't get a receiver worthy of starting in the NFL off the waiver wire.
The Eagles made a deal with the devil and now at least they should reap the benefits of what he is able to do on the field.
The team is struggling mightily on both offense and defense and Owens can be the difference.
Right now it doesn't matter if the entire team can't stand him, and make no mistake about it, the number of players who feel this way continues to grow in the Eagles locker room.
One thing about Owens. He can cause a whole lot of trouble off the field, but can put it out of his mind when it comes to performing in an actual game.
This season he has 47 receptions for 763 yards and six touchdowns. Owens' 91-yard catch TD, where he caught the ball near the line of scrimmage and then juked Pro Bowler Champ Bailey before dashing to the endzone, is a play that can be made by few others in the NFL.
Owens is not a team player. He is a phoney and to be honest, hasn't shown that he is the most intelligent of people with many o f the comments he has made.
The Eagles have put up with his nonsense to this point, so they might as well take advantage of the one thing he still brings to the table - game-breaking ability.
If the Eagles lose to Washington on Sunday night, an argument could be made that they won't make the playoffs.
Owens is one person who can make a major difference. So put on the ear plugs for the rest of the season and watch him play. It's not the best of situations, but having him on the sidelines would be even worse.