Thursday, November 03, 2005

Is T.O. OK?

The soap opera surrounding Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens never seems to cease. On Wednesday, Eagles coach Andy Reid was gloomy in describing T.O.'s prospects for playing in Sunday night's game at FedEX Field against the Washington Redskins. Owens was listed as doubtful by the team.
Of course there was a report by Owens' new PR agency, known as ESPN, that said that T.O. told the Eagles that his status for the next two games would be in jeopardy due to a sprained ankle.
Reid refuted that report and said Owens never said that to him.
Then on Thursday, Owens was participating in practice. While I've been called a lot of things, a doctor isn't one of them. Still, T.O. to the naked eye, sure looked like somebody who could run a pass pattern in an actual game. The Eagles updated his status from doubtful to questionable.
And now in a bit of irony, Donovan McNabb didn't practice for the second straight day due to a sports hernia-bruised rib and other assorted bumps and bruises. McNabb is listed as questionable.
So it's possible that McNabb won't play and Owens will. And 24 hours ago, who would have thought that these roles would be reversed?
A lot can happen between now and then and with this unpredictable bunch, anything can happen.
The game is on national television (on Owens' favorite station ESPN) and it's hard to see him passing up the spotlight. No matter what the motive, the Eagles have a better chance with him in the lineup.
If McNabb can walk, it's also hard seeing him passing up to play.
But the suspense will continue, possibly until Sunday evening.
One thing about the Eagles, they are never dull. At least off the field.