Friday, August 26, 2005

Boos or Cheers

Today the front of the Inquirer sports section asks, "What will you do? a. Cheer or b. Boo" as Terrell Owens makes his preseason debut tonight.

Over on, a similar question is being asked. "What do you think the fan reaction for Terrell Owens SHOULD be tonight? Loud, lusty cheers; a mix at first and then cheers; a voice of displeasure from the fans all game; or other. This poll has results from 5673 voters as of 2:15 p.m. and 46 percent favor the mixed reaction, 27 percent want T.O. booed the whole time, 20 percent want loud, lusty cheers and the rest had no clear opinion on these choices.

This morning, ESPN asked the same question, "Will T.O. be booed by the fans in Philly tonight?"

So what does he deserve?


At 6:42 PM, Anonymous ibn2deep said...

As an certified Eagle fan (call me a company man) and I hope Terrell (note the disrespect of not calling him T...) gets cheered.


Because that pea brained imbecile with the psyche of a 3rd grader, if booed, might mentally implode sooner rather than later. I say Eagles fans should tread lightly on the mental molehill of Mr. Owens if we know whats good for our team.

After the season... we can give him "the business". He's (not the Eagles organization) made sure he'll not be back.


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