Wednesday, August 24, 2005

T.O., McNabb on the same page?

According to Bob Grotz in the, the un-conjoined pair are just that, at least on the field. Here's what he said about a scene at today's practice:

It's been two weeks since Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens told off his head coach, his assistant coach and his Pro Bowl quarterback.

Two weeks since the Pro Bowl wide receiver was sent home suddenly from Lehigh University after telling Andy Reid to "shut up," offensive coordinator Brad Childress to stop speaking to him and later, everybody on his front lawn to count his sit-ups and free weight curls.

Two weeks since Owens called quarterback Donovan McNabb "a hypocrite."

The national soap opera has calmed so dramatically it seems like months since the lid blew.

At practice Wednesday, the same McNabb who warned Owens to keep himself and the entire McNabb family out of the receiver's business congratulated his previously frustrated teammate for a rugged touchdown grab in a red zone drill.

"Good job, good job!" McNabb implored.

Owens smiled.

Away from the bright lights of his news conferences, Reid seems comfortable that the worst has passed.

"It will work out," Reid said. "It will all work out. I'm not going to get into all the other stuff. I know he loves playing the game."

Reid thinks McNabb and Owens are communicating enough to get back to the Super Bowl. Without going into detail, the head coach sees his stars getting comfortable again with each other. Reid is convinced the offense can click.

"I'm sure it can," Reid said. "There's communication on the football field and that's the important part. T.O. is very coachable.

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At 7:08 PM, Blogger Decca said...

That McNabb would shout encouragement to TO after all his crap just goes once again to prove what a class act he is. Mr. McNabb, you are a true gentleman. Bravo.

At 1:46 PM, Blogger shameonskins said...

You wouldn't give TO credit for class no matter what he did. You right wingers are killing me. Why do ya'll thinks these guys have to act like little soldiers in the Army? Like kids in High School? These are grown men and TO is a professional at practice...and during the games. A PRO!! One who doesn't choke and throw up in the biggest game of the season!! Keep all of that sugary stuff outta here. I won't results!! Give me TO any day. You go right ahead and keep writing that feel good stuff. Give me TO's...TD's.

At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think he meant proving what a class act McNabb was.

We've known that all along, though.

At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes the press in philly is sickening, I am a Mcnabb fan but i will be the first one to admit he became a better qb with TO. Despite his off field antics, TO is the best receiver in the game along with Moss.( MARVIN gets too much credit bcos he has manning as QB) Everybody forgets that Eagles lost bcos Mcnabb could not manage the clock well. And Mr Freak for all that hype and $$ did not show up at Super bowl. He had subpar season and is escaping the criticism bcos of TO's antics@!


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