Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another T.O. 'fan' chimes in

This from Scripps-Howard columnist Ray McNulty, firing salvos from the Left Coast and printed on the Sacramento Bee website:

Terrell Owens isn't good enough to behave this badly. Nobody is.

And, certainly, nobody is worth the trouble he's causing as the Philadelphia Eagles try to get back to the Super Bowl - which, really, they got to without him, anyway.

So unless this greedy, self-absorbed, egomaniacal gas bag suddenly comes to his senses, realizes that his slimy, unprincipled agent has put him on the wrong side of everybody and everything, and humbly crawls back to camp Wednesday carrying an apology the size of the Liberty Bell, the Eagles should be done with him.

Because he's a bad guy, a punk, a cancer.

Just as he was in San Francisco. Just as he is now. Just as he'll be wherever he ends up next ... if anybody still wants him.

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At 6:37 PM, Blogger onLocation.......Phoenix, Arizona said...

If we Eagles fans are lucky, Andy Reid will send this self-absorbed, ego-maniacal clown home on suspension for the season or until he makes an apology to the Eagles team and fans for his boorish behavior. Since Owens thinks the sun rises and sets over his head no apology will ever be forthcoming and neither should any more checks.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger shameonskins said...

The "schmucks" are the people who think athletes need to just be greatful and not mindful. Go back and read ogo32. I try to be "mindful" of the fact that the OWNERS are billionares who profit off of the fanatic support the "public" gives to individual players. Who makes the money? The hot dog vendor,popcorn salemen,T-Shirt Vendors,t.v. exec's, I could go on and on. So, Terrell sign a bad contract. Fix it Mr.Billionare Owner. Don't take advantage of the player just because his agent had flaws. Do what's right..pay the man what he's worth and stop looking like Master vs Slave. Regardless of how uncomfortable you may be with that analogyt people seem to think it's popular to villianize the young black athletes while we let the owners off the hook. It's blantant ignorance with a little racism. IMHO.

At 1:53 PM, Blogger shameonskins said...

a bad guy, punk, cancer.

Boy...you really sound original. What a sucker you are. The media has you brainwashed!! What a sucker! LOL

TO doesn't get arrested for beating women, drunk driving, steroids,drugs,child support. NOTHING!!!

But, because he is brave enough to fight the system you people HATE HIM. What you really HATE is a young black athlete speaking out against management. TO'se main gripes have been with management regarding money. Ya'll just hate that. I guess he's suppose to just be humble and happy. Puleeezz!

Now you tell me...who are the real suckers in society? Do you jock haters realize the the NFL players are the lowest paid athletes and their sport generates BILLIONS? BILLIONS!!!

smh...at the brainwashed jock bashers!!


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