Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Other All-Pros aren't in Owens' corner

San Diego running back LaDainian Tomlinson told the San Diego Union-Tribune:

"I just don't think you need all of the stuff that T.O. is causing to try to get a new contract. There are other ways to go about it.

"I spoke out earlier when he had reported to camp, saying T.O. is a grown man, and he's doing the right thing by reporting to camp. Now, it seems like I'm kind of wishing I'd bit my lip."

He went on:

"I don't have a problem with guys wanting more money (or) wanting a new contract," Tomlinson said. "That's part of the game. When it comes down to it, clubs can cut you any time they want and they expect you to honor the contract. That's not fair.

"But at the same time, I think there's a way you go about doing it. If I'm still under contract, I can't hold out. I can't sit there and bash my teammates. I can't do none of that. I'm going to come out to practice and work hard and hope they honor me for my good deeds. I just think if you go about things the right way, they come back to you in a positive way."

Novel concept. But a reciever and quarterback can co-exist and be productive even if they aren't on speaking terms, right? Not according to Tennessee QB Steve NcNair in a widely used story from The Associated Press:

"It'd be very hard, and if they do, I think it's impossible," McNair said Monday. "But that's what they have ... I'm just glad I'm not."

He doesn't think a relationship could work between a quarterback and his top receiver without talking eventually. Everyone on the offense has to be able to talk.

"Having good chemistry, it takes more than just going out running routes and knowing how far he's going to go run his route. It's more of communicating off the field and making adjustments as far as what we're going to do the next time we get on the field."

But surely another receiver who's been involved in a holdout can relate to Owens' position? Here's what Hines Ward said Monday night after ending his holdout from the Steelers while trying to re-work his own deal.

"The Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens numbers, they are ridiculous," Ward said of the monster contracts those superstars have worked out with their respective teams. "(But) I do want my fair market value."

But time away from training camp was nice, wasn't it, Hines?

"It sucked being at home. It was the worst thing ever, sitting at home watching your teammates practice," Ward said in a story in the Beaver County Times and Allegheny Times.

"I am not going to get involved in (negotiations). It's my agents' job to go out and tell me what's going on. My main focus is to get my mind on football and help this team win games."

That's the rub. Terrell's main focus is always on Terrell.


At 3:30 PM, Blogger OgO32 said...

The Eagles are screwed.

I'm on T.O.'s side in this one. I do think he should try a softer approach, but hell he deserves a new contract. As a matter of fact more players should be on board with getting guaranteed money. The NFL's contracting situation is a joke and is beyond not being fair. These players are getting screwed. PERIOD. I blame their union mostly and then these greedy owners. Also, journalists are not being as objective as they should. Report both sides of the damn story. Talk more ore report more on the owners lack of integrity with these unbalanced contracts and give more news instead of commentary about how selfish players are. It's embarrassing to be in the same field.

If I recall, somebody at the Inquirer or the News wrote about how the owners of the Eagles pulled the "it's only business card" with the town in order to get a new stadium. They sent veiled threats to leave ... And behold the city gave them the money for that funky field. Hypocrites.

You Philadelpians should be begging the teams owners to pay these guys. If Westbrook doesn't get a new great deal then you guys are screwed. He should get paid as should T.O.

I haven't even mentioned that the league just got a near $20 billion TV contract. And if I recall correctly teams will get part of that purse. So why shouldn't the deserving players? If you perform well, especially out performing your contract then you should be allowed to renegotiate. The owners would do it if the players contract threatened the cap ... if they don't concede then they risk being cut. It ain't fair!


Detroit, MI

At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're from Detroit. Your opinion is worth 0.0.

At 7:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isn't baseball buddy, it's not how much the club can play the player, it's how much space the player takes up in the salary cap that affects the team. And I believe the Eagles have used all of their salary cap room every year for at least the last 2-3 years.

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Otis form Detrtoit is right. It's amazing how fast Philadelphians have forgotten which player gave us our only chance at a Super Bowl. But Philadelphians have grown attached to losing obviously. Further, it appears that the team ownership can depend upon its editors and writers at the Inquirer to manipulate the fan base based on that dependency to losing. The owners don't even have to ask, for they know that no one will question the position of the owners to make hundreds of millions while TO asks for $10 mil a year. TO and Rosenhaus, according to the Inquirer, are wrong about everything.

The bottom line is that if the Eagles Organization have continued to desire a Super Bowl for itself and the city TO should have been given more money a while ago. Gee whiz, people, TO, if you don't remember, risked EVERYTHING to bring Philadelphians a Super Bowl. Rightfully TO feels disrespected by an entire city.

And, let's face it folks, McNabb SHOULD have said SOMETHING about why he choked at the end of the Super Bowl--we Eagles fans deserved that explanation. T.O. had to give it to us because McNabb wouldn't: McNabb was winded and hence not in as good of shape as he could have been (translation: train harder in the off-season, McNabb).

Give more money to T.O. and patch things up before it is too late, if it isn't already.

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Aaron Knox said...

More than $49 million over 7 years, or more than the $9.5 million he stood to make this season by having another good year and keeping out of trouble, so the Eagles would want to keep around and pay the tab on the $6 million roster bonus he's due in May?

And since there is a salary cap, who takes the pay cut to give T.O. what he wants? And What happens to the Westbrook negotiations?

The contracts and salary cap were agreed to by the players' union, the NFLPA. If someone doesn't like it, they need to talk to Gene Upshaw first, don't you think?

At 1:35 PM, Blogger OgO32 said...

Firstly, Aaron ...

You and I both know that those contracts are not set in stone. That is NOT $49 million T.O. is guaranteed to make; it is nothing but a strong possibility. I think the Eagles can get on good ground just by guaranteeing the current contract. It would make them look better and would HAVE to give T.O. pause. For that matter, if this was such a big contract and a dent in the salary cap then why even negotiate the deal from the beginning? Why? Because the union is weak (thanks to Upshaw) and the Eagles DON'T have to pay all of the money out. If it gets too heavy they can renegotiate with said player or cut is anus. Simple. Exhibit A: Troy Brown (of the New England Patriots -- who helped whoop up on the Eagles, sadly, in the Super Bowl). Troy Brown risked his professional career for the "good of the team" and played both ways. He is no Deion Sanders, but his team needed help and he provided. He could have gotten hurt and even ended his career. Yet the Pats CUT him because they owed him $5 million bucks (or something to that effect). That was wrong. He had to sign for little money (renegotiating his CONTRACT) or play somewhere else. Now what kind of integrity is that? What kind of the "team is better than one individual" approach is that? If smacks of not only the hypocrisy from these filthy rich organizations but the idiocy of the current player league contract agreement. The union needs to be cleaned up. But you know what? Even with a stronger union, NFL players are still screwed, because they have no leverage. They play the most physically demanding of professional sports (next to hockey in my view) and have crappy money deals. If I had a kid playing in the NFL you can bet your grandmothers false teeth I'd tell him to get that doe!

You can wear yourself out like Earl Campbell and then get tossed to the hogs (if you aren't well known.)

I bet had T.O. busted his leg up the Super Bowl he would be cut after all the publicity "died down." He would probably be given money under the table, but cut nonetheless.

Look at Pittsburg and Hines Ward. They are foolish to not give him a better deal. They are hoping that no one else would want him in his old age (30something) and then the worry of looking dumb when he performs well somewhere else wouldn't be there and thusly, no fan backlash.

All I'm saying is PLEASE bash the ownership as much as you bash T.O.

Sure he is a whiney brat, but hell he has a point. Something has to be done about this. If you as a league and team are reaping billions of dollars from the work of the "inmates" as one ESPN analyst likes to call them (Mark Schlareth (sp?) ) then let them have some of the cash. At least the most deserving.

At 3:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are all a bunch of puppets! GO FLYERS!

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No where have I seen mention of how stupid Terrel and Rosenhaus were in totally eliminating what would have been very lucrative endorsement deals in the Philly area. After the Super Bowl, he could have been a King... his picture on more billboards than Vermeil! Look at every great professional athlete, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Donavan McNabb... The bulk of their earnings come from endorsements...not on field earnings. T.O.....Drew Rosenhaus...You blew it!!!
Is there a shoe company that would touch this guy??? Maybe BobBo's!!

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Lupe said...

Succinctly said!

At 1:40 PM, Blogger shameonskins said...

people love to hate TO. The entire NBA season was about Kobe vs Shaq. Last year football was all about TO..and Randy Moss.

Don't you get the feeling we're being had here? Who's really the enemy? TO? Moss? Kobe? Shaq?

I say the media is making a fool out of us. I love the aforemention athletes. I think jocks are professional entertainers. I love to see them in the spotlight. This isn't High School folks. Just because they are young black kids don't expect them to be humble little kids. These are grown men...professional entertainers. PAY THEM!!!


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