Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Rev.'s take on T.O.

Here are Jesse Jackson's words from ESPN---

Jackson sides with T.O.
Tuesday morning on ESPN2's Cold Pizza, the Rev. Jesse Jackson commented on the Terrell Owens suspension with the Philadelphia Eagles and his upcoming appeal with the NFL Players Association on Friday.
Jackson, who said that his interest is in reconciliation, spoke with co-host Jay Crawford:
"He [Owens] considers himself still to be an Eagle ... he feels that upon arbitration on Friday, that his suspension may be reduced and hopefully emotions will die down and cooler heads will prevail. But as for right now, T.O. feels that what he said he has expressed contrition and regret about it. He has called Donovan [McNabb, the Eagles' quarterback] and they've exchanged calls ... I just hope that cooler heads will prevail.
"He feels that the suspension does not correspond with the infraction. ... If he had been engaged in point shaving, something illegal or carrying a gun across state lines or selling drugs to teammates that would have been an egregious crime. But in this case we simply have a case of someone who by his own language, misspoke but harbors no bitterness about it. ... His words were harmful and inappropriate and he admitted that and he should never misspeak again and that was just downright wrong by his own admission.
"It seems that [the Eagles] do not want him because they feel he's detrimental but on the other hand they do not want him to have the option to let him go. To ban him for a year based on that language episode is too extreme."


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And JJ's opinion matters why?

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At 11:15 PM, Blogger Pigskin Prophet said...

To Any One Who WIll Listen

I know the world is exhausted over the "T.O.Show" but after my own investigative research through all the available information, radio, print and TV. Let's all agree that T.O. honestly has issues, however where I come from it takes two to tangle. So, I've come up with a solid scenario respectively defending T.O. A two - part series


First, the courtship: Donovan courted T.O. Two Superstars hanging out at Pro-Bowls, both of them are Stars but when you bring a media made Mega Star, Rock Star like T.O. into your locker room his mere presence is a distraction even if he is a model citizen. Now Donovan is the man, the leader, the captain and the hundred million dollar pampered prima dona who is use to all the attention in the locker room. Here comes T.O. and the attention diminishes some which hurts Donovan's ego a bit. Donovan tires of all the question "Can you and T.O. get along", "What's it like playing with T.O." Then there seemed to be one sideline incident where Donovan and T.O. were at odds and the media world was at the ready, "We knew it wouldn't last" however T.O. continued to present a decent demeanor and his behavior did not seem to be ruffling anyone at the time. Basically he went the entire season without any Major Drama. Fast Forward ...

The Gasp, The Diss: T.O. goes down with injury. Nobody gives the guy or the Eagles a chance. Donovan is now bombarded with all the media attention that he use to readily enjoy. The whole slew of reporters are now upon him, but instead of praises and faith in his game, he only hears from the media "How are you gonna win without T.O.", "What are you guys gonna do now" Donovan, probably frustrated or his ego lashed out stated basically several times leading up to the superbowl that the "Eagles DID NOT NEED T.O. to beat New England." I know and you know, that is the ultimate diss to a teammate even if the intentions was to present a confident and unified front to the team. It was wrong, worded wrong, not once but several times and backed by Coach Reid. Nobody took this stance when Donovan went down in week ten a few years back. Ty Detmer and A. J. Feely led the Eagles to the Conference Championship without Mr. Chunky Soup. Fast Forward

The Choke: T.O.'s ego, determination and competitive nature drove him to work as hard as Clubber Lane to play in the Superbowl to show the world he truly is among the best, prove critics wrong that he is indeed a team player. He put his career on the line, Plays valiantly almost single handedly keeping the Eagles in the game. When Donovan, with the game on the line CHOKES. Hank Fraley tells the media Donovan was sick, Jeff Thomason, Freddie Mitchell and others concur Donovan was throwing up, sick, etc. Donovan tried to dispel all the talk by saying he wasn't sick maybe just a little tired but nothing was wrong with him. After which T.O. makes a statement that he wasn't the one the one that got tired and again the media in waiting was hot on the case and in Donovan's face with the news. Donovan lashing out says "keep my name out your mouth," but doesn't chastise Fraley, Thomason or Mitchell? (Even though Freddie was released for some odd reason)

Why has the fans, the local Philadelphia media, the league and the national media, especially (ESPN) given Donovan a free pass? His career QB rating was only 77.6 prior to T.O.'s arrival and his best QB rating of 86.0 was his shortened season in 2002 when he went down to injury. Nobody was allowed to say they DIDN'T NEED HIM to win and they did win without him, going to the Championship and of course losing. I think the guys at ESPN mainly the NFL countdown/primetime crew is scared to criticize him after the Rush Limbaugh debacle. Let's make this perfectly clear, as a Black Male I agreed with Rush's position. Nobody rants that he can't win the big one. No body slams him for three interceptions in a loss or just an overall bad game. He Choked against the Redskins to possibly tie the game. He Choked Monday against Dallas then came up hobbling. His injuries were not evident when they were winning and he was moon walking into the endzone, hmmmm. Nobody on the team can call him on his poor play? Well, that sounds like he is as sensitive and insecure as T.O. is reported to be. Why, why, why? If Donovan wasn't sick in the Superbowl as he states then he CHOKED, no other explanation. Getting tired is not an excuse, everybody on the field is tired and some guys just dug deep, some put their faith and trust in Donovan's hands and HE LET THEM ALL DOWN and has a poor excuse of being a little tired as a defense .......

Part 2 - To T.O.'s defense

Again we are all in agreement that Terrell Owens has issues but are they harmful as the private fuming ego of Donovan's.

So far we have discussed T.O.'s first year in Philadelphia and basically no problem until after the superbowl there is obvious sniping between T.O. and Donovan.

Donovan on the other hand doesn't seem as comfortable and jovial as he once was. He is taking more jabs at T.O. and making snide comments which we all know are directed at T.O. It's what the media is looking for.

Organization Betrayal: T.O. feels that the Eagles changed the rules and decides that since the Eagles felt they didn't NEED him to win and since they made him sign a waiver so they wouldn't be liable to have to pay him if he got hurt in the Superbowl that he wanted his deal restructured. He wanted the money upfront instead of back loaded in what was essentially a two year deal with a 5 year option. Many believe they would have cut him before the money option came to pass but that would be mere speculation. They said "WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH PLAYERS UNDER CONTRACT" The media was waiting on the hold out. The Eagles were waiting on the hold out and threatened $9,000 a day fine. T.O. reports to camp and the circus begins. Bryant Westbrook holds out and during the bickering Donovan states that "Bryant Westbrook is the Best Player on the Eagles team" OOOOUUCH!!!! He's not even at camp. Again the team and media gives Donovan a pass. Donovan says pay Westbrook and the media says what about T.O.? when Donovan justifies I don't get in peoples business. Well, stay out of Westbrooks negotiation talks. However, this throws T.O. into a fit and he's not speaking to a number of folks around the camp. Him and Andy Reid gets into it. Coach Reid Tells him to "Shut up" he responds "You Shut up, my last name is not Reid" and T.O. is sent home for a week and the Paparazzi media follow him.

On top of giving Donovan a pass the Eagles organization namely Mr. Lurie spoke out against the negotiations publicly and the Honorable Mr. Banner called T.O. and Drew Rosenhaus "IDIOTS" in the national media. I just wanna know where are the APOLOGIES to T.O.? What's fair is fair.

The Interview: In between the mean time ... T.O. & Donovan develop an unholy alliance AKA working relationship. All seems pretty good for about 8 weeks when T.O. can't take it anymore. This guy just caught his 100 Touchdown reception and NOTHING. Not a WOW, not a pat on the back, butt or rub on the head. Not a Jumbo-TRON display. Not a story on ESPN. Nothing. You reporters and commentator guys at least talked about Marvin Harrison's catch for two weeks. T.O. puts it out there, couldn't help himself from wearing his emotions on his sleeve and then the Ultimate happened ... T.O. AGREED with another person about if Bret Farve played on the team where they would possibly be, a hypothetical and the media went CRAZY printing T.O. prefers Bret, T.O. disses Donovan, T.O. says .. When he didn't say any of those things but agreed with a hypothetical opinion and was persecuted. Really no different than taking part on ESPN's HOT SEAT

Now I have searched for about 10 days now and I cant find one Eagle who has achieved a milestone before, so when the Eagles Organization say they didn't know T.O. was at 99 TD receptions or that the Eagles organization does not celebrate individual accomplishments, It's because they have never had one to celebrate. What will they do when Donovan reaches a milestone? I guess they will go against their own policies as they did with Bryant Westbrook and most notably giving the kicker, David Akers who got a contract extension while still under contract. They deserve a pass on that one too, I guess. So in the city of Brotherly Love, Donovan has not been so lovely. Matter of fact he hasn't been that good in the big games either.

Troy Vincent, Bobby Taylor, Hugh Douglas, Jeremiah Trotter, Corey Simon, Freddie Mitchell just to name a few all had money problems or spoke out invoking freedom of speech and look at them now. Donovan may be no different than what T.O. is reported to be, sensitive, pampered, spoiled and clearly untouchable by the media or teammates when it comes to negative criticism

Folks, just give it to them from the other side, It'll sale too. Run Donovan and The Eagles through the ringer for their part in this madness and by the way, I agree with Mr. Keith Olberman and Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys owner), that they made a series of calculating errors so they can say we tried to get rid of T.O. but the League or NFLPA says we can't. Will be looking for the article after the Eagles loss to the NY Giants on Sunday even though they DON'T NEED DONOVAN to win. Oh Yeah, funny how Donovan looked liked he wasn't even injured thruogh most of the game, rushing for 22 yards, 1 TD on 5 carries plus numerous other scramble plays, then and only after his CHOKE THROWING INTERCEPTION for the second consecutive week was commentators and the media allowed to bring up he was playing hurt ... Great Performance by a CHOKE Artist


View from another perspective

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