Monday, November 14, 2005

Eagles 7, Cowboys 0

Who are these Eagles? The better question is, where was this play-calling in the first half of the season? That was simply a beauty of a first possession drive. It looked like the plays were scripted and executed exactly as written. They ran seven times on the 11-play, 72-yard TD-producing drive with six of the last seven play calls on the ground. The 11 plays were the most they've strung together all season and the six minutes and six seconds they drained from the clock was the most thus far this season, as well.

Brian Westbrook's 15-yard TD was the first rushing TD he's had since Week 3 when he ran 18 yards for a TD against the Oakland Raiders.

T.O. or no T.O., that was an impressive drive/start.


At 12:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reid's play calling is criminal. He teases us with the first drive and then reverts to the old fashion show - poor clock management to boot - and with that shovel pass (along with other plays) it seems the cowboys know the plays better than the iggles. Too predictable. Hand the play calling off to someone else already!

At 8:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FB again--you are soooo right. reid is not a good football coach-he's won alot of games, not because of his intelligent play calling but because other teams were so bad but now other teams are getting better and his poor pc is beginning to show. and don't you get tired of hearing his "I've
got to do better with getting the team ready to play"--DUH! he says it ad nauseum. he better take the blame--you think McNabb is gonna come back to the sideline and say--that was a dumb call coach--or a receiver come back to the huddle and say to donovan--didn't you see me wide open--take your blinders off--no! but thats what they should do.
reid should have chewed
donovans ass out for throwing the ball--instead he probably asked --are you alright, donovan. he's not a baby--he is a freakin' football player. chew him out, for God's sake.
scenerio--donovan--dumb play coach
reid--dumb throw QB.


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