Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Niners' Smith sticks to his guns on T.O.

The Modesto (Ca.) Bee reported that former teammate Derek Smith hasn't changed his tune on Terrell Owens, even after Owens had five catches for 143 yards and two TDs in the Eagles' romp over the 49ers:

[Facing the 49ers for the first time since their messy separation last year, Terrell Owens took his first pass of the day 68 yards to the end zone for the first score in a 42-3 Philadelphia Eagles win.

"I said he was a premier player," said linebacker Derek Smith, who blasted Owens earlier in the week. "But I wouldn't take him on our team even after his performance today. He had a good game. He had a great game. And he'll have a great year."]

Smith was highly critical of T.O. in the days leading up to last week's game, saying many of the things other 49ers probably thought, but chose to keep to themselves:

"I think we're better off without him, absolutely better off without him," Smith said. "I don't think he buys into anything but his own thing."

Smith also added this nugget about Owens' notorious touchdown celebrations:

"He probably gets in front of the mirror every day, (saying) 'This is what I'm going to do this week,' practicing," Smith said.

It couldn't have taken too much practice last week. After both his TDs, Owens simply placed the ball on the ground in the end zone.

[There was no Sharpie, no pom-poms, and Owens left the locker room without talking to reporters.

"I'm surprised," running back Kevan Barlow said. "I would have thought he'd have a chip on his shoulder. I guess he took the classy way out."]


At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Derek smith is a nobody to be talking about TO. Nobody would have paid him any attention if not for the philly media searching for someone to say negative about TO. Philly fans are happy about TO but i see the media is unhappy with him because he wont talk to them. Since he is playing at such a high level, they cant pick on him and are waiting for him to fail before jumping all over him


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