Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sports Illustrated lays a triple witching on Philly

As curses go, the SI cover jinx clearly is overrated. Michael Jordan appeared on more SI covers than anyone, and it sure didn't seem to hurt him any. Still ....

First, the Daily News reports today that Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens grace this week's cover, yukking it up on the sidelines during the fourth quarter of last week's 42-3 romp over the 49ers. Second, it notes that the same issue's second feature is on the Phillies being all loosey-goosey and in the playoff hunt under manager Charlie Manuel.

Third, a quick scan of today uncovers a very complimentary piece on Eagles All-Pro safety Brian Dawkins. Here's a snippet:

"(T)here are times when even the greatest of talents can get lost amidst all the hype we heap on other stars. Philadelphia Eagles free safety Brian Dawkins is a prime example of that.

"Yes, he's been to four Pro Bowls. Yes, he has a huge following in Philadelphia. But he's never gotten the love he deserves outside The City of Brotherly Love. When he came into the league 10 years ago, Darren Woodson was known as the league's best safety. Now, Baltimore's Ed Reed has earned that distinction. But for most of his career, Dawkins has had no peer. "You're talking about a guy who just doesn't do it from week to week," says Buffalo Bills safety Troy Vincent, who played cornerback in Philadelphia from 1995-2003. "He gets the job done every day of the week. I hear people talk about this person or that person being the best safety in the league after they've had one or two good years, but Dawkins has been more consistent at that position than anybody."

-- Aww, who's kidding who? It'll take more than a jinx to keep the Eagles from stumbling against the Oakland Raiders this week. (And it won't be a curse that keeps the Phillies out of the playoffs, unless that explains Pat Burrell's inability to get the bat off his shoulder whenever a third strike crosses the plate.)


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