Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Eagles vs. Raiders

Let's have a little discussion that follows the rationale of the Inquirer's Phil Sheridan. If the Eagles are a team that looked like it was in the playoffs vs. Atlanta and then looked like the team most fans can expect for most regular season games this year vs. the 49ers, then do we know who they are this week?

Last week was a win, a resounding win of the kind the Eagles must have to become divisional champs and get to Detroit.

But this week, the other diva, Randy Moss, arrives in town and he is very hungry, bringing a Raiders team that is 0-2. You can also expect his presence to rev up Philly's own diva, Terrell Owens. Very few teams make the playoffs 0-2 and even fewer at 0-3-maybe just a handful of teams so Sunday is now critical for the Raiders and for the Eagles because Philly fans still need to know what they've got.


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