Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Coach Reid says injuries are nothing new at camp

Today, Head Coach Andy Reid gave this litany of injuries reported during Eagles training camp at Lehigh University.

“[DT] Darwin Walker was the flu and we got a couple guys with it here and he had it the worst. We are going to try to get him over that and we will see in the next day or so what happens.

[RB] Correll Buckhalter is still out with the knee contusion and we are going to see how he does here in the next little bit. We are going to recheck that thing and see if there is not something else in there. [S] Sean Considine is still out with the slight separation of the shoulder. [CB] Rod Hood was gone with some personal reasons and he comes back today and we will see how he is here. [G/C] Jamaal Jackson has a tricep tear, still out and will be out. [RB] Ryan Moats with a concussion did not practice today. That is day to day.

[WR] T.O., you saw him doing some things out here. We will see how he does in the next couple of days.

[WR] Todd [Pinkston], you know Todd had the surgery on the Achilles tendon, everything went well there.

[DT] Sam Rayburn had the hyperextended elbow and is getting better, but again, it is going to take a couple days. [LB] Greg Richmond, lower back, it’s slow right now. It’s not doing really well and we just have to see how he does in the next week or so. [T Jon] Runyan had a concussion yesterday, slight concussion, should be back here in the next day or so. [T] Tra Thomas still has the blood clot situation. Today, [DT] Martin Patterson went out with a low back strain. [DT] Hollis Thomas and [DT Keyonta] Marshall were both affected by the heat.”

Reid said the number of injuries this year is nothing extraordinary.


At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when is everyone going to see that t o is a drama QUEEN. i would like to have a shot at him tj


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