Sunday, October 29, 2006

Eagles Can Kiss Playoffs Goodbye

After each loss the Eagles have talked about what a great team they still are, but that conversation was missing after Sunday's 13-6 defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now the Eagles are answering questions (and probably asking them among themselves) whether this season is over.
At 4-4 and now at the bye week, the Eagles are in deep trouble. In fact, count this writer as one who is writing them off.
Remember, the first eight games were supposed to be the easiest part of the schedule. Most felt the Birds needed to be 6-2 by then.
Instead they will be fighting for their wild card lives.
One reason they appear done is the manner in which they lost. The Eagles were physically pounded into submission by a Jags team that entered the game 0-3 on the road.
It's one thing to blow games late on the road against New Orleans and Tampa Bay, but it's another to get the living tar beaten out of you in your own house.
The Eagles are simply showing no fight and the players seem to have the same bewildered look as last season.
At least last year, there was an excuse - injuries and the T.O. factor. The Eagles are as healthy as a team could expect at midseason, but mentally they are a mess.
During the bye week, the team must restore its collective confidence because right now it has been shattered.
The Eagles have done nothing to show that they belong to be mentioned as a playoff contender. That is why a season that once held such promise is slowly slipping away.