Monday, December 18, 2006

Eagles Showing Unexpected Resolve

The Eagles had just been torpedoed by the Indianapolis Colts, 45-21, in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicated and the season appeared to be down the tubes.
There weren't many people who gave the Eagles a chance at that point (including this reporter).
The players were visibly down, especially since the Colts physically pounded the Eagles, rushing for 237 yards.
Of course the season has been turned around with three straight wins and now a Christmas Day showdown with the Dallas Cowboys.
The Eagles (8-6) control their own destiny, something that seemed almost impossible after that Colts loss.
Now the team has to worry about something that nobody would have considered a month ago - overconfidence.
Still, the fact that the Eagles have battled back to this point, says something about their character. The key is now to finish the deal.
Sunday's 36-22 win over the New York Giants was the Eagles' most emotional win since, their 38-24 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.
Both victories increased the Eagles win streak to three games at the time. We all know what happened after the Dallas game.
The Eagles had a severe letdown, losing five of their next six games and seemingly dropping out of postseason contention.
So the Eagles should receive tremendous credit for getting back in the mix. Yet as coach Andy Reid said has warned, "we haven't accomplished anything yet."
No, all they have done is make sure the month of December will have meaningful football. Based on where they were at the end of November, that in itself has been quite an accomplishment.


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