Sunday, December 10, 2006

Eagles Opt For Wins Over Style Points

LANDOVER, MD -- They don't go for style points when a team is fighting and clawing for a playoff berth.
The Eagles made things a little too interesting, turning a 21-3 potential rout into a 21-19 nail-biting win over the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field.
Washington rushed for 210 yards and averaged 5.3 yards per carry, but could only get into the end zone once.
Even though the Redskins are a struggling team that the Eagles struggled to beat, the fact remains that the Birds will visit the New York Giants on Sunday with both teams 7-6 and major contenders for a playoff berth.
The Eagles will have to do a better job at rushing the passer and stopping the run, but the difference during their modest two-game win streak has been defensive takeaways. The Eagles intercepted two passes, and returned one for an 84-yard TD by Michael Lewis against the Skins.
When the defense is making opportunistic plays such as that, the Eagles take on a different personality.
The two interceptions in their 27-24 win over Carolina, especially the one by Lito Sheppard late in the game, was the difference.
Sure, the Eagles have plenty to work on and can't afford to make the same mistakes against the Giants than they did against Washington, but the fact remains that they remain in playoff contention. And many of us wouldn't have considered that possible just a few short weeks ago.


At 3:48 PM, Blogger mike said...

The more they win games the less they win in the draft!
concede the season and start planning for draft day,, come up with some trade packages to land a top notch LB, draft a SS and a QB,
Maybe trade Darren Howard, no wonder the saints let him go so easy,, this guy is a bust, terminate jevon kearse contract,, or buy him out what ever, he too is more interested in hanging out with the joke TO then cheering on his teammates, not to mention he's as fragile as a pimple faced school girl. let D Jones go, he is more interested in making bow ties and not tackles, find out why B Bunkley cant play and perhaps replace him with i don't know a doorknob?? so there are more important things they need to do other then trying to make the playoffs,, what fun is "one and done" nothing but a waste of time,,
Needs in order,

1) SS- B Dawk is slowing down way too fast.-
2) LB’s at every position, J Trott too is slowing down, D Jones is a fraud, S Barber is too old,
3) QB- as good as McNabb could be he makes too many mental mistakes and hurts the team with un-catch-able throws (he) lost that game against Tampa all by himself. You wont see J Garcia make bad decisions like that, perhaps he thinks his arm is too strong,,
4) RB gotta give Westbrook a break, with all the touches pass and run he too will slow down before he’s ready.
5) Coach!
that's it,, now lets get to work!

At 1:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solving their run woes is simple. Stick Walker back out on end on 1st down and obvious running downs. Put Rayburn in Walker`s tackle spot and you have a decentsixes line again. Trent Cole is most effective as a pass rushing specialist, he gets worn down playing full time.


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