Thursday, November 23, 2006

Eagles Remain Confident With Garcia In Control

This is the first time this year that the Eagles will be underdogs when they invade the RCA Done for Sunday night's matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. It sure won't be the last time.
And whether the Eagles (5-5) are talking a good game or not, they appear to be a confident team. This week, player after player has talked about how confident he is to have Jeff Garcia now running the offense.
And nobody was more confident than Garcia himself.
"I think I can bring some value to this team from a leadership standpoint, from an experience standpoint and just from a pure grit standpoint," Garcia said. "And that's what I hope to do on Sunday."
The knock on Garcia is that he doesn't have much zip on his fastball. In last week's 31-13 loss to Tennessee he completed 26 passes, but for just 189 yards.
Still, the team feels that Garcia's veteran leadership will make this a more efficient, if less spectacular offense under Donovan McNabb.
And of course no matter what Garcia does, it won't matter if the Eagles don't start playing better on the other side of the ball. Opponents are averaging 188 yards rushing in the last three games and the Eagles' defense has been plagued by sloppy tackling.
Whether the team rallies around Garcia will be seen on Sunday and it's not the easiest of starting debuts for this franchise.
The Colts are smarting off their first loss of the season in last week's 21-14 defeat at Dallas. Colts quarterback Peyton Manning talked this week to Eagles reporters about wanting to rid himself of the bad taste of defeat.
So the Eagles have a monumental task, one that would have been huge even if McNabb were in the lineup.
The players have spoken glowingly all week about Garcia and now it's a matter of whether they can back this talk up with their play on the field.


At 3:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said... all know how that one turned out...


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