Monday, November 27, 2006

Eagles On A Bad Run

INDIANAPOLIS -- This is beginning to look a lot like last year and we all remember that wasn't such a pretty site for the Eagles.
What is most discouraging is how teams have been literally running over the Eagles during the last month. The Colts rushed for 237 yards and quarterback Peyton Manning barely had to break a sweat in Sunday's 45-21 demolition of the Eagles.
Three times in the last four games, a team has run for more than 200 yards against the Eagles. Those opponents have been running around and through the Eagles defense, which is offering little resistance.
There is nothing that demoralizes a team more than having a team knock the living tar out of them by running the ball down their collective throats.
Teams that can't stop the run in the NFL, college, high school or Pop Warner, usually lose more games than the win.
The Eagles are 5-6. There are still some wide-eyed optimists that are talking about the playoffs. How about winning another game in the last five just to match last year's 6-10 record?
This is a team that has lost confidence and apparently lost the ability to perform the most fundamental of tasks - tackling a ballcarrier.
Against the Colts the Eagles had their share of missed tackles, but for the most part, they were just physically dominated.
The Eagles looked like a beaten team leaving their locker room at the RCA Dome. They no doubt had a long flight home, but not nearly as long as the next five games, which offer little hope in this lost season.


At 11:23 AM, Blogger The Don said...

They didn't even try, for God's sake. I have never seen a team quit like that, and last night, I was EMBARRASSED to be an Eagles fan.

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the gold standard that Jeff Lurie proclaimed the Eagles to be is a little tainted, gonna check the stock market because gold must have crashed, like our iggles. They need to stop re-upping all this mediocre talent they think is so great, and realize they are slipping, and the future doesn't look too bright. they are nothing more than an average team, that looks to be slipping toward poor

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Luis V. said...

I can't be expected to root for a defense that refuses to step up. I can't stand behind leadership that doesn't make the necessary changes to win games. How did it come to this? Where's the fire? Where's the intensity? All Andy says is "We need to work harder. We need to do a better job."

The Birds also need to stop celebrating when they think the did a good job on one play. Put the axe away, keep the claws hidden, put the guitar in the case, because there is NO reason to be celebrating anything.

I wouldn't dare root for any other team in the NFL, but I'd rather be doing other things with my precious time than watching us lose.

Eagles forever... (even in these dark times)

At 2:38 PM, Blogger mike said...

it's funny how Andy Reid thinks the Defense can be "fixed", unless he has some magic beans he forgot to eat with his 9 hot dogs for dessert lastnight, the man has lost it Completely, how do you make them smarter? it looks to me that there clueless out there,, maybe thats just the reflection of both Andy Reids and Jim Johnsons faces sunday night, talk about out coached in every aspect,, i sure wish we had more reno mahaes on the team this year,, he's the only one with emotion,, did you see the 49 yard kick return,,hey ii have an excellent idea!! lets have a rookie WR throw a pass???? that right there my fellow iggels fans was pure coaching genius!! pure, as pure as the food that's Engulfed by slim,, wipe the slate clean,, the start over begins now folks!!, new QB, coach(s)DE's DT's LB's, it all needs a over-hauling,, and i think we all know how long that will take! i'll finish the year rooting against the usual suspects, Cowboys and Gints,, i don't concern myself with what's going on in DC,, so when Monday night rolls around and we are all Anxiously awaiting Kick off,, lets hope Philly wins the toss,, it will delay the Inevitable at least (falling behind), hey maybe they will even score first,, if Mr Akers decides not to shank a gimmie,, that too my friends is also a need for upgrade,, how many times do we have to watch his kickoffs land at the 10 yardline, for some reason people think he's good,,, good? i can't remember the last time david akers did any thing good besides slam into one of the Giants coaches in week 2,, hey maybe we could start him at LB??? oh just a thought.
ok friends,, like the late 80's band, can't wait "til tuesday" to discuss there latest defeat.
i love all of you!
we ar all in this sad mess together

At 7:12 PM, Blogger The Don said...

Donovan just had surgery, according to It says that his recovery could be anywhere from 9-12 months, although I think that he has always been diligent in repairing, so I would not bet against him.

At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a firm believer that their lack of a running game (not that they don't have one but that they done call one) is the root of almost all of their problems. They lose Javon Kearse for the season because they don't run the ball and close the Giants game out in regulation. They leave an undersized defense on the field an extrordinary amount of time because they don't run the ball and they put the pressure of making every play on Donovan because they refuse to run the ball. I have been a big Andy Reid fan up until now. I absolutely hate the finesse game they play. Every football genius that ever existed claims you have to run the ball and stop the run to win the big game. Why does Reid feel he all of a sudden has a better recipe? I am tired of not having a power running game and tired of the light in the butt defensive line that makes our team look like wimps. The word is out, you can punk the Eagles. In this tough town, that should be totally unacceptable.

At 2:14 PM, Blogger mike said...

anonymous is correct, that Reid thinks he could change the game of football with his own brand of stink..
hopefully Jeffrie Lurie will make corrections sooner rather then later! like the white house,, we need major change! all around, top to bottom inside and out,, i'm ready for the rebirth of this team,, and a new coaching staff!

At 3:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stand this finesse team. The defense has steadily declined each year under Reid, and has now been exposed as weak. Remember that 2001 defense? That was a tough, hard-hitting defense. There was also a nasty attitude on the offensive side, with Duce Staley being a hard runner. The current Eagles are one dimensional, like a Miami team. Come on, this is Philly - myself and many other fans hate this crap. I like the West Coast offense, but let's not be so pass happy, and acquire some players who are capable and willing to slug it out in a physical game. This looks like a multiyear project back to the playoffs, I'm afraid.

At 11:20 AM, Blogger mike said...

we all know what the JETS used to stand for,, how about the EAGLES. try this,, and it sure fits. End Another Greatly Lethargic Effortless Season, John Gruden,, the job should be your for the taking! ownership needs to swallow there pride and make the move that will work,, what AR has done in the past should not matter,, it's what he's bringing to the future of this fine organization is what matters,, and i think we could all see the writing on the walls, playes have given up so has the coaches. AR has and will nevr get a ring here, not with his philosohy,

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anybody like speed reading?
i'm sure it;s more exciting then watching Mat McCoy being run over by a RB!!!!


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